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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Eyes: Swatches & Review

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Eyes

I've been wanting to try Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips for a while but the price tag on all of them in Canada is 18.99 CAN verses $10.95 US. It boggles my mind why there is a 40% markup on all Physicians Formula products. If I'm going to spend $18 to $22 CAN per product I rather spend it on MAC.

In this case I bit the bullet on this one and gave it a go.


Product: Kind of a fail. This pan has the pigments so hard pressed there is no give on the product with a proper brush and I felt like I was trying to scrape the product off these tiny stripes. 

Colour: The range look nice but the payoff make the tones look the same when applied.

Wear: A base is needed for anything to show up.

Packaging: I like the packaging a lot, there is no magnetic closure (not on mine) on this but it's sturdy plastic structure makes it purse friendly. The pretty overlay of lace is a nice touch. 

Compare: Try NYC Cosmetic or Wet N' Wild for good nude palettes at a drugstore price range. 

Top Daylight, Bottom Flash. Top of swatch has Too Faced Shadow Insurance to see what would stick then it's packed on bare skin under it.

Verdict: Total Pass! The amount of work you need to put into this is not worth the headache or the $18.99CAN price tag. There are better drugstore nude palettes out there. 

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