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Thursday, 2 February 2012

FACEatelier Facede: Swatches & Reviews

FACEatelier Facede: Chameleon, Aderabesque, Cha Cha, Livid & Godiva   
I testes these out during IMATS Toronto 2011 and ordered them online at FACEatelier. They retail for $26 each for 8 ml/.33 fl oz of product in the tube and a little goes a long way.
Daylight swatches: Arabesque, Cha Cha, Chameleon, Livid, & Godiva

Flash swatches: Arabesque, Cha Cha, Chameleon, Livid, & Godiva
Product: So far there are only 5 bold shades to this line and the shade could me mixed to create more tones being a liquid gel formula. The formulation is a gel base/cream that has a built in primer for long wear. When you apply it, you can buff in in with a brush or tap/pat in on with your fingers.

When applying the product ball up on your skin a little which is why patting in on help to break them up.

Colour: Excellent vibrant collection, I would love to see more shades put out.

Wear: If your one of those people that have trouble keep you blush on all day take a look at this. I stays put for 16 hours with minimal fading I've seen. I also have a tendency to rub my face every once in awhile which doesn't help with blush wear time normally.

Packaging: Simple squeeze tube with a doe foot tip is ideal for cream/gel formulas just be gentle when squeeze as you need little product and can be built to more coverage.

Compare: This formulation is new to the market and the only product I've test that was similar is L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush. The difference is that the L'Oreal shades are much more muted tone but they are still nice. They also cost $14.99CAN which is close to half the price of the FACEatelier Facede's but you also getting 20 ml/.67 fl oz of product from the Souffle. The trade off is that you need to pack on more product to get some of the shades of the Magic Smooth Souffle Blush to show up on your skin. It also behave the same as the Facede's when applying them.

Verdict: Definitely a keeper!

I think I want to get Cha Cha or Livid next.

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