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Monday 3 December 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24 Hour Eyeshadow for Winter 2012: Swatches & Review

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24 Hour Eyeshadow in 55 Inked Pink, 60 Silver Strike, 65 Gold Rush, 75 Electric Blue,
& 70 Barely Branded

The Winter  2012 collection has hit Canada first over the US. Apparently theses will become permanent to the Color Tattoo line. You can find the full collection in Drugstores now! These sell for around $11.99 CAN at Shoppers Drug Mart and $7.99 at Zehrs/Super Store which i pick these shades up.

Product: 5 new "Metal" shades Which are mush more metallic then shimmer in nature. The only one I struggled with was 75 Electric Blue as it was so fined milled the brush would not pick up the product as thickly so it applies sheer but it's very buildable.

Colour: True to pot.

Wear: 16 hour wear with some fading at the end of the day own their on for me. 24 hours they are gone as the oil on my lids break the product down without a primer.

Packaging: Same glass jar as the rest.

Compare: 45 Bold Gold from the original line is much more gritty and green colour based compared to the 65 Gold Rush which is more gold yellow and finer milled shimmer particles.

Daylight & flash swatches: 55 Inked Pink, 60 Silver Strike, 65 Gold Rush, 75 Electric Blue, 70 Barely Branded,
& 100 Barely Beige (compare)

Flash swatches: 55 Inked Pink, 60 Silver Strike, 65 Gold Rush, 75 Electric Blue, 70 Barely Branded,
& 100 Barely Beige (compare) 
Flash: Test look with 55 Inked Pink all over the lid and 70 Barely Branded patted over the centre.

I particular love 55 Inked Pink and 70 Barely Branded for day where. 60 Silver Strike because it such a clean silver makes a great base for both warm and cool town shadows as well.


  1. Replies
    1. I found them at Rexall, Zerhs, and Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario.

  2. Awesome review! These just came out in the U.S.! I'm on the hunt for them :)
    <3, Mel

  3. i finally got all 5 too! i'm so happy :) great swatches!!

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

  4. Inked Pink is gorgeous! How did you apply this? with a brush, sponge, fingers?

  5. For the swatches I use my fingers as this is usually how I apply these to myself but I also try them out with a concealer style brush and have the same result while applying.

    Sponges I find work the same as a finger but they do absorb more product and i just don't like using them.

  6. Those are gorgeous especially electric blue!

  7. Electric Blue is a gorgeous midnight blue shade and worth the little bit of extra effort.