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Thanks for checking out Collective Beauty, your resource for in-depth product reviews, beauty tips, makeup looks, and all things beauty!

The purpose of WARPAINTandUnicorns is to offer informative, insightful, honest reviews of makeup, hair care, skincare, and beauty products with keeping in mind that products need to last a full day on the skin for cosplayers, performers and hard working people. All content is written and edited by me, and all opinions expressed are my own. What works for me may not work for you with my dry combo sensitive skin and vice-versa. ;)

The contents of this page are protected under copyright. Therefore, any content that is copied or published without my permission is prohibited. If you wish to link WARPAINTandUnicorns to your blog or website, please feel free to do so. However, taking credit for or copying content is not permitted.

All reviews are written and edited by me and reviews are based on first-hand experiences. This blog does not accept paid compensation in exchange for positive reviews (not that anyone has asked me yet either). I will only endorse products I truly stand behind, however this blog does accept products for review, paid sponsorships, collaborations, and giveaways. I also to swaps for products as makeup is expensive. Acceptance of a product does not guarantee a review.

Advertising on this blog is in the form of advertisements generated by a third-party ad networks. Any advertisements or sponsored content will be clearly marked and does not reflect the opinions of this blog. WARPAINTandUnicorns, also accepts affiliate advertisements, and at times a small compensation is made from purchases and/or clicks.

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This policy is valid from 29 September 2016.


I got into makeup through my hobby of cosplay and not wanting my skin to look horrible with the costume I wear in photos. My interest in long wear products has grown from that.

Explanation on the blog name:
Warpaint is a very old euphemism for putting on makeup. It started as a term to imply facing the dating/clubbing world, as in "I've got my war paint on."
Unicorns, because what is more extravagantly girly then a fantasy pony with a magic wand.

I'm currently using a Canon Rebel t5i for both filming and photography at the moment. My previous camera was Lumix I bought back in 2006. It was a beast but it worked.

About my screen name:
Ani_BEE is a name I've had from high school but did have a bit of thought put into it. It breakdown is simple enough, Ani is short for animated and BEE is my initials. So it still my name with a twist. Ani_BEE is also my cosplay name and I have gotten used to being called that at conventions.

Why start a blog?
I've been doing swatches and reviews for 5 years on Makeup Forums and MakeUp Alley (MUA). But I find that for people searching for swatches they tend to get missed if not posted on a form or site were search words will be picked up. I want to share!

Why get into makeup?
It wasn't from peer pressure in school as when I was in high school you could always spot the girls wearing makeup as it was fake looking or poorly matched. Other than lipstick and mascara I found makeup as a whole was off-putting at that time.

It started to get into makeup when going to college, I started looking for foundations to use with my cosplays and special occasions and finding NOTHING that worked or was way too pink on my a pale yellow-olive skin tone. It wasn't until I was introduced by my friend to Indie mineral companies that matched my skin tone and my learning of makeup ingredients and techniques took off. I learned how to work with unpressed pigment first in all applications first which does have a learning curve but makes working with pressed product a cinch afterward.

Skin type: Sensitive for the most part and gets dry during the winter, in particular my forehead. I also have an issue with contact dermatitis that leads to breakouts on me and my Dad side of the family. < Basically another way to say sensitive skin.

Skin Tone: Pale Olive Fair, I don't have any MAC match in foundations they make other than Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light. I would have to guess I'm an NC05 so it makes it hard to find a match in foundations. I'm still looking for a replacement for the one that was discontinued in the Everyday Minerals Intensive formula.

Foundation Needs: I look for full coverage as I have reactive skin that can turn red in the cheeks from the cheek bone to my jaw line. I do get "red-faced" if it's extremely cold or hot weather ... not pretty. I'm not usually rosy all the time.

My skin overall is normal under normal conditions. I still only wear foundation for when I know I'm taking photo as I do look washed out without something and special events where I know I'm going to be hoofing it. I'm looking into tinted moisturizers or BB creams know for day wear.

Concealer Needs: I also use full coverage as well as being as pale as I am I have permanent transparent skin around my eye which leave blue circles around them. To combat this, I use a peach corrector and/or just my Amazing Concealer in the Fair shade. The Fair shade I can use on its own as it blends into my skin tone well and have the subtle shade of peach to correct the blue.

Eyeshape: I have small thin almond eyes. The amount of room of exposed brow bone is small due to my eyebrows running that ridge of the orbital bone. I also have semi-hooded lids as there is extra skin in that small area, to not be able to see my crease ridge without closing my eyes. Not an ideal model for eye makeup looks and for that reason it's not covered by bloggers or professional MUA's. I hope my post will help other in a similar shape configuration as I know I've been frustrated with them. lol

About the site
"Your Spelling is atrocious!!!": I have to agree with that. I'm dyslexic, in fact the thought of starting this blog gave me nightmares at first. But in general, I read and write everything phonetically. I also miss typos a lot and it doesn't matter if I read trough 10 or 20 times I just miss them and might only see them 6 months later when I'm not invested in the words I've written anymore. It's just the way my brain is hardwired. ;)

But I've been swatch products for a few years on forums, the point of this blog was to share much more openly in web searches for swatches. The reviews I do because If I'm posting a product on here and I am also recommending it and it's not fair to say that "Wow its awesome" and leave it at that.

It's also why I try to keep to a writing format for my reviews. I'm also not one for long drawn out descriptions. Never have been to the chagrin of my English teachers and never making the word count for essays. I'm the type to just "GET TO THE POINT!" unless it was a satire.

Contact me:
If like to ask a question, request, or are interested in me doing reviews on your products you can email me directly at warpaint.and.unicorns[at]

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