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If your interested in a Custom Designs (textile prints, Logos, Digital print heat transfers), Photo Retouching (cleaning a altering service), Props, Armor, Mascot heads, paw & tails, Accessories (Jewellery, Hats, Glove, Etc.), Shoes & Boots and Wig Styling please contact me for Estimates at: warpaint.and.unicorn[at]

I'm currently not taking full costume (garment) commission due to lack of work pace at. Small items like a shirt or skirt please contact me.

Current items for Sale
Cosplay's for sale, costume supplies and cosplay items.

Peg Doll Amy, Merida & King Fergus, and Monster High fabrics for sale.

If your interested in a custom design for your needs contact me at: warpaint.and.unicorn[at]