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Monday 3 November 2014

MAC Lash Applicator : Review

MAC Lash Applicator
The MAC Lash Applicator Retails for $20US or $24CAN online. I've been eyeing the Shu Umerara Lash Applicator at Sephora Eaton's Centre location for years but the $48CAN price tag made me cringe every time. I was looking to a from the side placement applicator and when this one launched I wanted to give it a shot.

Honestly, these looks so similar I thought they might be from the same manufacturer.

MAC Lash Applicator tip
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator 
MAC Lash Applicator and Revlon Expert Tweezer Square Tip 
MAC Lash Applicator and Revlon Expert Tweezer Square Tip
MAC Lash Applicator and House of Lash in Iconic
MAC Lash Applicator and House of Lash in Iconic

MAC Lash Applicator is a fairly large handle lash applicator with a small curved tip. Come to most tweezers the body plates are a bit thicker. The tip however, is smaller with a rounded tip for those that are afraid of jabbing their lids while applying their lashes.

The curve is not too extreme and allows you to get closer to your lash line and hold the band lash in the shape you want it. The tip is great for positioning the corners as well if your lash tends to pop up at the corners.

It comes with a basic plastic tube to keep the tweezers closed. Which I recommend keeping but because of these lash applicators open to a 1/2" gap.

Draw back on the larger body is that it stiffer to close compared to a normal pair of tweezers. You get use to it but though that suffer from damage in their hands (arthritis, torn ligaments) might find the spring pressure is too much to keep closed.

I do like them consider I have a strong blink reflex, I find those lash applicators that come in from the middle of the eye cause me to blink like crazy.

As to whether you need these. Probably not, I still get by with a standard pair of a tweezer. I just find these more helpful when applying lashes to someone else as the hook nicely from the above and from the side when looking at someone. lol

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