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Friday 14 September 2018

IMATS TORONTO 2018 New date! : New venders, Interesting panel/demos, my wish list.

IMATS Toronto 2017 New date!
IMATS Toronto 2018 is arriving in September this year from the 22 to the 23 less than 1 week away! There are still have tickets for both days of Saturday, and Sunday Shows for $50 and Weekend Ticket Bundle $90 (save $10).

Chances are I'll be arriving at 9:30 am on the Saturday by Greyhound again.

I apologize for the lateness of this post as I was waiting for brand info, but this year the brands have been quite again about what they are bringing.

WIG I'll be wearing.
Kelly in a teal mint blend from Arda Wigs

I'm pretty sure I'll be brining this wig, I love teal anything! Plan of attack is to not spend too much... I dropped a lot of coin during the last Sephora sales on foundations skin care and 3 Pat Magragy lipsticks (Yikes!)

Who dropped out from last year:
Nigel Beauty Emporium is also gone, so no Lashes, Empty container, industry makeup!

Alcone Company
 is gone again. :(

Temptu ... arg the year I needed a new airbrush gun of course.....

Kat Von D
.... I don't know, this booth gets a lot of love the last 2 years...

SUVA Beauty, but there is a booth brings there product line. ;)

Lady Moss Beauty.... Dang it I knew I should have gotten more lash glue.

Returning Vendor that have bigger spots.
Frends Beauty is back, they carried their own brand Stilazzi other brands like Viseart Paris, VUESET, Sigma Beauty, Vera Mona and more.

MAKE UP FOR EVER They are 40% everything and usually have some 50% bundles.

NYX Cosmetics is coming back this year with a larger table, so I'm crossing my fingers that they are bringing more items. That said on Queen Street where the original MAC Pro Store resided is where NYX Toronto flash ship store is. I'm going to see if I have enough time to run by it. ;) They were either 20% or 25% off last year.

Inglot makeup is coming this year with the full range of products and double the booth space. ;) They are 25% off for Pro Members.

They're booth size is the same as last year but they did bring most of their product line, they didn't have any discount last year for the general public. ;) They are 20% for Pro Card Members. They now have a Canadian sales site, so I hope we get a slight discount. 

Violet Voss Cosmetics
Booth is the same size as last year, so I'm hoping they will bring their eyeshadow and liquid lipsticks as well as their lashes and Glitter from last year. The sold out of almost everything in the first 4 hours on Saturday last year.

MUSST - Sigma is back with a two table booth, (psst, they had prosthetic transfers for Halloween last year. ;) ) The brand has said 30% Sigma brushes.

is always busy the discount is from 20% - 30% off

Morphe Brushes
They have 3 x 3 table which will be massive! Again I like to go but there is usually an all day lineup and.... yeah. I honestly want to check out their palettes, so I hope the hype machine is over with them.
They really need to do a test area and a separate line-up for orders.

Benefit Cosmetics They had 40% off last year for their brow products. Free Gift for Pro Card Members this year.

Lime Crime is back, they haven't posted anything about going. Last year was 20% off.

Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg. Additional 20% for Pro Card Members & Bdellium Tools Up to 34% + Free Gift for Pro Card Members. If you want better quality brushes, check them out..... ;)

Kind of Magic is back with the launch of the Cheek FX line. They sell other brands like Ben Nye, RCMA, WolfFX, & Primal Contact Lenses.

Kryolan Professional Make-up, I'm hoping for airbrush gun......

Smith Cosmetics, they have their own brushes and brush portfolios.

You can find all the Pro Card Memeber Discounts here.

New Vendors 
beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart, I'm hoping they will bring Urban Decay, but more than likely the other brans they have in all stores!

GET DOLLIED they are bringing SUVA Beauty, Gerard Cosmetics, Besame, Eye of Horus, LIT Cosmetics, INGLOT bestsellers, and theBalm!

Hudson’s Bay / Yves St. Laurent - NARS They will probably do a discount if you Buy X amount like last year with NARS.

Kiss New York Professional and Kiss Products booths
, They are bringing all there product lines so get ready for those Canada.

Laura Mercier, hoping for the full product line.

Classes and Speakers of interest (SAT): 
I'm sad as I'll miss the ones after the Battle of the brushes to catch an 5:30pm bus home. But I don't think I'll be able to attend most during the day due to booth lineups either.

9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Make-Up Artist Magazine Booth #705

USING TEXTURE TO CREATE RELEVANCE - Jane McKay10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. IMATS Stage

INTERVIEW WITH DONALD MOWAT11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Open Forum Stage


K-BEAUTY GLASS SKIN TREND - Martin Younan & Jessica Ferreira
1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. IMATS Stage

‘THE SHAPE OF WATER’ DISCUSSION PANEL - Mike Hill, Sean Sansom and Jason Detheridge
2 p.m. - 3 p.m. Open Forum Stage

3:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. IMATS Stage

There are a lot of other panels and both displays happened all weekend as well but these caught my eye for Saturday.

My Wish List
I won't be getting everything on my list (I don't need all those brushes) but this is my starting point.

Make Up For Ever
12 Flash Color Case (replacement needed for sure!)

Artist Rouge Lipstick in M102 Pink Brown

Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow
M-52 - Matte Beige and M-16 – Matte White

Star Lit Liquid 3 Gold Champagne
Star Lit Liquid in 11 Golden Orange, 18 Golden Grey, 3 Frozen Orange, 10 Peach & 4 Frozen Green.

Artist Face Colour in
S112 or S116
H100 or H106 & H102
B308 or B314 or B16 or B208 or S214


AMC eyeliner gel in 76 (white).

Royal & Langnickel
More colour moda brushes.

Jordane Cosmetics (or Blur, MUSST, Mehron )

Kreeper FX Fangs
Ben Nye Monster wheel

Morphe Makeup Brushes (try again this year)
Jaclyn Hill palette
New makeup line
E36 & E14 brushes.

Bdellium Tools
SFX 193 Small Stippling
SFX 191 Precision Stippling
SFX #174X brush FX5
Golden Triangle 760 Liner/Brow
Studio 761 Tight Liner

Sigma – MUSST

Lime Crime

Liquid Lipsticks in Polly, Feelins, Cherub, and Lulu
Metallic Lipstick in Passionfruit
Plushie Rosebud, Turkish Delight, Melon, Lavender Honey.
Venus 3 & Venus XL
Diamond Dew Glitter Eyeshadow in Rose Goals, Pixie, Paris.
Angels Highlighter

Violet Voss Cosmetics palette mostly.

Lit Cosmetics
Margarita Size 3, Diamond Girl or Marilin Monroe, Mother Earth, Porcelain, Paradise Sky, Sunshine & lollipops.

Kind of Magic
Cheek FX water activated palettes (more if I can test it)
Wolf FX Bone shade.
Cheek FX airbrush paint Hybrid

GetDollied - SUVA Beauty
Eyeshadow metallic in BA, Cherry Cola, Resort, Fairy Dust, Queen's Road, Tropic, Bula, Emerald City.
Eyeshadow matte in Denarau, Papaya, Guava, Market, Seed, Palm
Water activated paints.

To check out list:
(tools, FX items, Stage makeup)
Blur Makeup (a sampling of other industry products, Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, OCC, Yaby)
MUSST (a sampling of other industry products)
CiCi Fashion Brush (strange false lash styles O_O )

LOCATION and Travel
If you're not a native to the GTA (Greater Toronto area) I thought I'd post this for you about what to expect getting the MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) South Building.

This year we will be in the basement South Building, Exhibit Hall E, like the first two years it was at the MTCC. The North and South buildings are attached by a walk bridge. The North building is street level on Front Street west of the CN Tower and goes vertically in levels and well as 2 subfloors. While the South building is behind it and is underground for the most part except the lobby level (500 Level).

If you going in by public transit chances are you will be making it to Union Station. Union Station, however, is going through some serious renovation inside (STILL). Front Street is clear of contribution now. For pedestrians/public transit goers, inside Union on the street level is attached to the Skywalk which will take you to both the MTCC North and South builds and beyond (Skydome). This is probably your best way to get there to avoid confusion and it tends to be quiet.

You can also walk Front St. east of Union and get to the North building and walk beside it to get to the south building entrance.
MTCC north building highlighted in red.
Here is a posting about road construction areas for drivers to be aware of per week if you coming into the downtown core. 

They did not have a coat cheek the last year at the MTCC. :(

Now places to eat, there are plenty of options around the MTCC as this is considered to be the Entertainment district. Front Street has many options on the main level but there are places underground like across the MTCC is the Canadian Broadcasting Building subfloor has a full food court. Union Stations also as a full food court on the level below street level for a cheaper fare.

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