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Sunday 18 March 2012

Essence at Shoppers Drug Mart:

Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow in 02 glammy goes to… and Gel eyeliner in 02 london baby
Went to my local Shoppers this week and found the new Essence display at the end of one of the non makeup allies. Although not all the shades were their from the line it seems that all the products they make were ready to sell. Price range was the surprising, from $1.50 to $6.99 Canadian ... It's almost unheard of at Shoppers. The two items I got were $3.99 each.

Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow in 02 glammy goes to… and Gel eyeliner in 02 london baby

Product: Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow is a densly textured product that reminds me more of Maybelline Color Tattoo then a Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream.  Because it denser it's best to pack on the product with a clean finger.

Gel eyeliner has a rich color pay off but found it to be a very soft product. Softer/more liquid then MAC Fluidline so be careful not to sink your brush into the product. Because of this it's hard to get a thin line in one go as the product sheers out being so liquidity.

Colour: Gel eyeliner has only three shades to offer in black, dark brown "02 london baby" and silver. Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow has only 3 shades in the display of copper, golden "02 glammy goes to…" and silver.

Wear: The Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow, lasted the whole work  on it's own before it stated to fade slightly with a primer it lasted a full 16 hours on the eyes with very minor fading. The shade were still visibly strong.

Once you got it on the Gel eyeliner in 02 london baby lasted the full 16 hour day.

Packaging: Simple glass jars with plastic lid for the gel eyeliner. Stay All Day eyeshadow come in thick wall plastic jar with lid.

Compare: 02 glammy goes to… remind me of L'Oreal Sahara Treasure eyeshadow just a tad lighter. 02 london baby remind me of MAC Wholesome in a pearlized finish.

Swatches Daylight and Flash: 02 glammy goes to… and 02 london baby

 Verdict: Nice to Have!

I definitely like to  pick up a few shades in the Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadows as I found the finer particle miller to be more flattering(less metallic).

I personally find the Gel eyeliner more soft formula frustration as i prefer to work with something denser/thicker.That being said the colour payoff and wear on this one is really nice.

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