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Sunday 11 March 2012

Shop.Cosplay Color Ring: Swatches and fiber review.

Shop.Cosplay Color Ring aka a fancy ogre earring lol

 Shop.Cosplay Color Ring swatches done in natural indirect light for as much colour accuracy as the camera and computer can muster.

OR01, OR02, and OR01

OR01 Peach: Mix of ash blonde an pale pink strands, there is no a drop of orange in this swatch. It's a paler shade in person and look more pink then orange.

OR02 Classic Orange: Mix of bright orange blended with blonde and pale pink strands.

OR01 Dark Orange: More of a classic "pumpkin" shade. A mix of Dark Orange, Classic Orange an yellow.

PK06, PK05, PK04, PK03, PK02, and PK01
PK06 Hot Pink: Mix of hot pink and pale pinks.

PK05 Cool Pink: Mix of a cool tone pink and pale pinks.

PK04 Warm Pink:  Mix of cool pink, pale pinks and brown strands.

PK03 Raspberry Pink: A darker mix of Cool pink with more of the cool tone pink strands and less of the pale pink.

PK02 Dark Pink: Mix of cool tone light pink, pale pink and brown strands.

PK01 Powder Pink:  Mix of pale pink, and white strands.

BU05, BU04, BU02, and BU01(X2 as I got two of them on my ring)

BU05 Shadow Blue: Mix of dark blue and black.

BU04 Dark Blue:  Mix of dark blue blend of two hues of blue in it.

BU02 Light Blue: Mix of light blue almost topaz in shade, pale blue and dark blue strands.

BU01 Powder Blue:  Mix of pale blue, light blue, and white strands.

NE07, NE04, NE01 and NE03
NE07 Black: Just pure black.

NE04 Grey:  Mix of grey, grey blue and warm ash grey.

NE01 White: Just pure white.

NE03 Silver:  Mix of light silver grey and white strands. Photographs lighter then what's seen in person. 

The pure white fiber is pretty light reactive which is probably why the Silver shade looks brighter in photos.

NE05, MB03, MB01
NE05 Slate Blue: Mix of dark blue, dark green and a dash of grey.

MB03 Teal:  Mix three different teal shade that run warm, cool and muted.

MB01 Teal Mix: a mix of dark blue, green and teal.

GE05, GE02, and GE02
GE05 Shadow Green: Mix of dark green and black.

GE02 Moss Green:  Mix of hot green, lime green, silver and warm ash brown.

GE03 Classic Green:  Mix of hot green and lime green.

RD04, RD03, and RD01
RD04 Shadow Red: Mix of dark red and black.

RD03 Dark Red:  Mix of dark red and a tiny bit of black.

RD01 Natural Red:  Mix of dark red, copper red and brown.

The first two red are much more cool tone then in the image, It likes to photograph in warmer tone.

BR02, BR03, BR04 and BR05
BR02 Dark Brown : Mix of warm and cool dark browns with a dash of black.

BR03 Medium Brown:  Mix of mid-tone and dark browns with a dash of ash blonde.

BR04 Ligh Brown: Mix of browns and ash blonde.

BR05 Warn Brown:  Mix of warm and copper browns.

BE03, BE04, BE02, and YE02
BE03 Butterscotch Blonde : Mix of warm blonde, pale ash blonde with a dash of yellow.

BE04 Cool Ash Blonde:  Mix of dark ash blonde and pale ash blonde.

BE02 Natural Blonde: Mix of pale ash blonde and white with a dash of yellow.

YE02 Warn Brown:  Pure Yellow and a tiny bit of white.

PR05, PR04, PR03, PR02, and PR01

PR05 Shadow Purple: Mix of dark blue, dark violet and black.

PR04 Dark Purple:  Mix of dark violet and dark blue.

PR03 Classic Purple: Mix of dark violet, light violet and light pink.

PR02 Light Purple/Violet: Mix of light violet and pale violet.

PR01 Powder Purple:  Mix of pale violet, and white strands.

The wig shade blends are mostly Hiperlon based, with added Chilon and Henlon fibers. The Henlon fiber and maybe the Chilon give the finish in flash/daylight the glossy shine seen here as other 100% Hiperlon wigs I own is mostly matte finish.

Daylighht shoot direct light

Hiperlon based wigs don't take well to alcohol based dyes, I've tried twice as well and the dye would rub/wash off completely. From personal experience boiled fabric dye baths do work  to achive 40% of the original colour as a tint and others have had luck air brushing with Liquitex Liquid Acrylics. In the same vein you should be able to get the same results with FW acrylic inks but I have not tried this myself yet.

This award is given out for one the most rainbow collection of shade blend with out resorting to traditional neon shades. Their bold but don't make you eye melt or help to land plane. lol


  1. It's so hard to get colour accurate photos (trust me it's part of my job). LOL

  2. Thanks for posting all of this! I have been looking for photos of the color ring for ages. Bookmarked! ;)

  3. Some times you just don't have your ring on hand for reference even if you bought one. lol

  4. Thank you very much! It's my first time buying Hiperlon based wigs so this is very useful. Thanks again ^__^