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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Just an update! Countdown to Anime North.

There are two conventions during the year that I spend my vacation time on. One is FanExpo Toronto and the other is Anime North. For this reason I'll probably MIA on my blog for the month of May and respectively August. ^_^

I've been going to Anime North since 2001 the first years as a reason to get my comic on the cheap. I did however get pulled into the wonderfully expensive, nerve racking, time consuming hobby of cosplaying and making costumes. This con started it all and is by far my favourite as it's all fan run and genuinely has the feel of one with events and panels requested by the participants. No they don't make money off of it and is run solely on people that spend more time then I do cosplay making, the hours needed to run this convention in months in the making.

If you happen to be in the Toronto area during the May 25th weekend check it out! Heck just just drive by to see what you're missing I'm be one of the many colourful costumers you can honk at in the crowds in e sea of almost 50% of the participants are in costume.

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