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Friday 17 August 2012

OFRA Mineral Baked Palette

OFRA Mineral Baked Palette

OFRA Mineral Baked Palette

I place a order with OFRA during a private listing sale for a few items. This OFRA Mineral Baked Palette retails for $79 US but during the sell it was $20. The state that it came in (all the eyeshadows shatters from the pans) is UPS's fault mostly although I was expecting more then 1 layer of bobble wrap around a baked palettes, the box it came in look beaten up. fortunately the reset of my items fared better.

Daylight swatched dry: Mineral Baked Palette Eyeshadows

Flash swatched dry: Mineral Baked Palette Eyeshadows

Daylight swatched wet: Mineral Baked Palette Eyeshadows 

Flash swatched wet: Mineral Baked Palette Eyeshadows

Product: Bake mineral eyeshadows. Love them or hate them I do find most sheer out of the pan without water regardless of the brand as they are more like pressed pigments without the binder.

Colour: The colour is what you see in the pan, with some applying more sheer then other when dry.

Wear: 4 hours went applied wet with no base before notable. But I recommend a primer anyways as mineral eyeshadows don't have any ingredients that would act like a primer in them. Black was the only one still a little bit chalky when applying wet.

Compare: Remind of MAC's Mineralized Eyeshadows but I found  when applied wet the pigmentation and finish was a lot nicer.


Daylight swatch: Mineral Baked Palette Bronzer applied light, dry, & wet

Flash swatch: Mineral Baked Palette Bronzer applied light, dry, & wet 
Product: a densely fine milled shimmer Bronzer or Highlight based on your skin tone.

Colour: Warm Shimmer brown/gold

Wear: 7 hours for sure on the face. Not the best shade for me personally. lol

Compare: Remind of MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish and Hard Candy Bronzers. The finish and wear is every similar.

Daylight swatch: Mineral Baked Palette Blushes applied light & heavy 

Daylight swatch: Mineral Baked Palette Blushes applied light & heavy

Product: If these are mineral blush that is are hard to tell, but 3 of the 3 shades where pigmented and buttery. The Mauve shade was a little stiff.

Colour: True to Pan and dewy. Although the pale mauve/nude shade is a little more sheer.

Wear: Glossiness wears for about 3 hours the stains however for Adore and Romantic fade in 4 hours, while the stains in Lovesick and SweetHeart shades linger for 7 hours .

Compare: Not very unique, so nothing comes to mind.


Packaging: a tray.... worth trying the depot which is what I did for the remaining blushes just fine.

These only two shade that where a little below par with the rest but overall this is a nice palette, If you interested in trying baked mineral products take a look at this as it dose cover a lot of skin tones as well and the pigmentation of the products are there.

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