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Wednesday 13 March 2013

Disney Jasmine The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror: Review

Jasmine The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror
Retailing at $20US and $24CAN I place an order online for the Jasmine collection when it went live on Sephora VIB's. It again sold out quickly which make me think they have less stock of the compacts then the makeup for each of these Disney collections. You can still buy these in store at Sephora locations.


Arabic(?) writing on the inside art in gold

Back side of compact
Shut your eyes and take a chance.
Good hinge

This compact also has a bit of weight as it made of a case metal body. I'm not sure if the "Glass" is actually glass or plastic either still.

The design is a mix of Pakistan and India are work. The gold overlay it reminiscent of Jali (latticework) screen seen in window with blue assents to make it look like semi-precious stone inlays. The seen behind the screen is of Agrabah (towards the palace) at dusk or dawn based on the movie. Also in t a gold outer circle their is gold writing over the image of Agrabah, I'm not sure if it sandscript or any real form of writing used today.

Box art in gold foil
Back of box with Agrabah barcode

Really nicely done and functional compact (same with the Cinderella one). The colours int he compact look nicer in person then the product shots I found.

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