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Thursday 28 March 2013

Lime Crime: Depotting palettes into Z palette

purple Z palette to house my Purple brand Lime Crime.
No Easter Egg hunting on my site but I thought I would share my depotting experience with the Lime Crime palettes. Spring pastels on the go to my family house this weekend. ;) I also used this method to depot my theBalm palettes and eyeshadows.

You will need:
99% rubbing alcohol (91% will work as well)
A metal nail file or metal spatula
T-pins or another type of thicker pins
1 Z palette
Sticker labels

Step 1: Wedge out the tray
The tray the used for these palettes is vacuum formed plastic that is super light weigh and springy. The trick to this is to try and get under the middle section first then pop out on of the corner first as the case has metal lip holding the tray in place.

Step 2: Wedge the pans out
Because the plastic tray are so flexible I found it easier to pry the pans off of then with a t-pin. No heat required

You can see the oxidized glue on the pans.

Once done you have an empty tin you would use as a pencil case. ;)

I'll also note here that you can try to pry the pans out while still in the case but I found I was scratching the metal tin paint job on the inside.

Step 3: Clean the pans
At first I tired my hand at devolving the glue with alcohol. This works for certain types of glue. I usually do this alcohol wipes and sitting the pan on them to start to dissolve the glue.

But ended up only cleaning the rust on the Glue even with wiping. >_<

So I used 100% Acetone and bit of elbow grease instead to get most of the glue off.

On a random note the older theBalm Vol. 1 palette used this harder to get off glue that needs acetone to remove it, but the new ones use a alcohol soluble glue that also can be mostly peeled off now because of it rubbery texture.

Step 3: Label you pans

And drop the pans int a Z palette. The pans are magnetic from Lime Crime and theBalm. ;)

Now I have room to add more from the lime crime pans into this one palette. ;)

FTC: This post contains an affiliate link.

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