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Thursday 22 May 2014

Joe Fresh Loves SyFy's Defiance! Stahma Tarr necklace.

Joe Fresh Loves Defiance! Stahma Tarr necklace.
Stahma Tarr in cloak
I was sourcing for chains to make this necklace last fall when I spotted the exact same necklace on a local News broadcaster this month. So I started to browse and found that Joe Fresh actually makes and sell this one in both silver and gold. Stahma Tarr is only seen wearing the silver one during the first Season.

On a random note, I'm getting ready for Anime North this weekend. You can see my cosplay work on my facebook page for Regina from Once Upon a Time. ;)

You can see Stahma Tarr wearing this necklace with a number of of her outfits in these screen captures. (I take not credit for them)

Yes even the Thermae style bath. lol

Here is what to look for!
Front of tag
Back of tag
Front side
Back side

It look like rhinestones with all the metal facets! It look smaller in person as Jaime Murray has a size 5 figure and is over 6 feet tall (saw her in person at FanExpo last year!) 

I'm not sure when I'll be making Stahma Tarr but she on my cosplay to do list and I was also able to speak briefly with her makeup artist as well at FanExpo. ;) The series is filmed in a quarry in the Toronto area.


  1. Where are those necklaces sold? I cant find it anywhere...

    1. It's sold in Canada (Difinance is a Toronto production), through the Zerhs/Superstore chain up here. The Joe Fresh store in NY might have it as well.

  2. Is it still available? If so... would you pick one up for me? I've searched eBay but no luck. Or do you know if Superstore sends internationally? Thank you. I'm doing a cosplay for Dutch Comic Con in 2016

    1. Contact me through my email. It's sadly does not ship online at all but i can check for what stock is left at my local store.