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Wednesday 10 September 2014

MAC Next to Skin Powder Blush: Swatches & Review

MAC Next to Skin Powder Blush
Retails for $20US and $22CAN for 0.21 oz at MAC. I wanted to try this one out to see if it's the shade I usually end up with by mixing my contour powder with the highlight powder (both matte) and if it worked with my fair skin.

MAC Next to Skin Powder Blush
MAC Next to Skin Powder Blush
MAC Next to Skin Powder Blush

Product: Next to Skin Powder Blush is a matte finish powder. I did find it would cling to texture on bare skin (my skin is also slightly dry) but over foundation it applied more smoothly. 

I also take the work out of getting the tone right for my Fair olive skin tone. You really can't go heavy handed with this one and end up the perfect barely there contour. 

Colour: Next to Skin is a grey tone beige nude. But i can warm up slightly one the skin. 

Wear: 12 hours with no issue left on it's own before noticing any sort of fading.

Packaging: Standard plastic compact with a clear lid.

Compare: Benefit's Hoola Bronzer is the closet I can think of but I deeper and warmer then MAC's Next to Skin. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny is closer as well but the shade is warmer but with the same depth. 

Daylight swatches: Next to Skin heavy and buffed out.
Flash swatches: Next to Skin heavy and buffed out.

Perfect shade for pale, fair, and light skin tones if you want an effortless contour. But if your in the Light range you might want to check out Taupe shade as well if you need something a touch warmer. 

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