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Monday 5 October 2015

IMATS TORONTO 2015 Recap and Haul

IMATS TORONTO 2015 Battle of the Brushes
Here is some photos and my Haul video from IMATS Toronto 2015.

Quick comments, brands I didn't line up for. HAHA

Morphe was a 3 hour wait... girl I can spend that time doing other things just says despite how much I want to try that brand.

NYX, Because I own most of what they brought P.S. the old MAC Pro store on Queen street Toronto is the NEW NYX store.... with all the product line O_O

INGLOT love you, but only 10% off make me want to wait to your holiday sale. Just saying. ;)

MAC Pro now in their Bloor Street store location (took over the old regular MAC store), Didn't have a lot of product this year.

Velour Lashes, only because I have sooo many lashes to go through still.

Regretting not getting anything during IMATS NADA. ;)

Here are the haul videos.

Full product list in the video description box.

Here are this years IMATS photos.

The long assed line that I'm only half way through the general admission pre-tickets sale line here. Yes it reaches the entire length of the MTCC and wraps around to the other side in the other direction. lol

Makeup Gallery.... The Strain

 Creepy spider children.

I'm not sure if this dead priest is from the Strain, but creepily realist corpse here. O_o


The booths!
True Glue
Makeup Eraser 
Violet Voss
Eve Pearl
Cici Fashion brushes
Morphe, that crowed is all the line up in the background as well.
Jordane Cosmetics
Panels and makeup demos!
Lleft to the elements (weather worn) makeup.
Mehron body paint demo
Make Up For Ever body painting demo
The Strain, Children of the Night Demo (creepy spider kid)

Battle of the Brushes: Old Age Character.

Third place winner
Second Place
First place

4pm crowds

End of day
The crazy but lovely wig I wore and dinner at ND Sushi & Grill in Toronto.
It was a very long day but a fun one! As to next years 2016 IMATS I pretty sure I'm going to be a broke student by then after a 51 week course so I was glad to got this year to take advantage of the new vendors. 

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