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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo : Review

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo
 The Vera Mona Color Switch retails for $18US and $21CAN at Sephora. At the Vera Mona website the Solo retails for $17US and the Duo for $20US. They also sell replacement packs for the sponges for $8 for the main black one.

This product is designed to only work with powder products I wanted to add.

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo back of box
Vera Mona Color Switch Duo
Vera Mona Color Switch Duo
Vera Mona Color Switch Duo with wet sponge section removed
Vera Mona Color Switch Duo inner sponge and tin well.
This is a texture sponge that lives inside a metal tin to easy use and transport. The Duo also has a tin well the houses the wet sponge so that the black dry sponge doesn't get wet.

How it works:
Product on brush
Brush cleaned afterwards
Residue on the sponge
Switching from black to white to brown eyeshadows with only swirling inside the Vera Mona Color Switch
The black sponge: 
This sponge has micro fine open cell pore the has enough texture to scrape the product off the brush bristles with ease. The motion is to basically swirl the brush on both sides to get the product off. I found that it work perfectly between shades as zero colour mixed into the new powder loaded into the brush.

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo wet sponge using it to mix powder product into a wet liner.
Vera Mona Color Switch Duo wet sponge
The white sponge: 
This sponge is a soft open pore sponge that is very dense. This sponge holds water or any mixing liquid very well if you want this for mixing purposes. This white sponge can be washed and sanitised fairly well but I would treat this like a beauty blender type sponge as it can hold bacteria a little more due to it density.

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo sponge VS Stippling sponge.
Vera Mona Color Switch Duo sponge VS Stippling sponge.
The first thing I noticed is that this sponge is the same material as my Fine Stippling Sponge. BUT the cell structure is basically half the size of this FX sponge and softer, whereas this FX sponge is stiffer. But you can get the same effect if you really work you brush into this larger cell sponge but it takes longer.
Another option is a hair doughnut. But like the stippling sponge the cell are larger and less soft than the sponge use in the Color Switch.

This has been very helpful to use when I don't want to use a tonne of brushes to complete a look with powder products. I really don't recommend using this with creams those as that would gunk up the sponges.

But I really don't feel like I needed the white wet sponge and should have gone with the Solo one as it would allow me you also clean larger face powder brushes as I like to use the same angle brush to matte highlight, contour and blush.

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