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Tuesday 19 July 2016

The Contour Tag!

Here is my Contour Tag I've created.  My answers are in the Video but I'm also listing the Question in this post for other to use. ;)

~ The Contour Tag! ~

1. Favorite Powder Contour
2. Favorite Cream Contour
3. Best Warm Contour/Bronzer
4. Best Cool Contour/Shadow
5. Most Natural Contour
6. Favorite Formula
7. Best Luxury Contour
8. Best Drugstore Contour
9. Favorite Brand
10. Favorite Packaging
11. Most Used
12. Least Used
13. Most Unusual
14. Worst Contour
15. Best Contour

16. Bonus: Last 5 purchased

The full list of products I mention in this video's description box. 

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