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Thursday 14 June 2012

MAC Spring Haul: swatches & reviews.


Hey Sailor!, Fashion Sets, & Reel Sexy

I'll apologies for the lower then normal quality of these photos as my camera can't handle low light conditions sadly. This like most LE collection is about all I get these days from MAC. In this case one piece from Hey Sailor!, Fashion Sets, and Reel Sexy.

Hey Sailor! Crew hhilighter and lipsticks in Razzledazzler & Reel Sexy

I'm not going to do my normal review formate on these as the formulas and packaging is about the same fair for MAC.

Daylight Swatch: Crew purple, pink, orange, and blended.

Flash Swatch: Crew purple, pink, orange, and blended.
Crew to me is what Benefits Hervana SHOULD have been like on a the skin. The colour shows up true without any sheer or chalkiness on my skin. Fro me I've been looking for a gentle blush that still shows up on The skin as they tend to not fade as fast. Fast Flee is also a close colour match to this product when blended. You don't need both. 

Flash Swatch: Razzledazzler, Reel Sexy, & Ever Hip.

Razzledazzler & Reel Sexy are kissing cousins of each over but I find I use Razzledazzler more simply because  it a soft flattering sheer shade. I can see why it's and asian market permanent shade. 

Both shade are also close yo my Ever Hip shade that I just about wear everyday my lips but better shade on me. Reel Sexy is of course more opaque given that it's an Amplified formula compare to Razzledazzler Luster finish (I like the fact there is no shimmer in this shade) and Every Hips Cremesheen finish. I find that amplified shades don't last as long on me for some reason but Reel Sexy turned out pretty good and not as drying. 

Crew is a permanent fixture in my stash now It's something I can use any day for a subtle hint of colour on my pale skin. 

Totally don't need them all these shades of lipstick but these are for the most part day wear shade on be so they will be used more often. I say pick your formula and go with it.

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