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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Quo by ORLY 5 Ombré Nail Lacquers: swatches & review.

Quo by ORLY 5 Ombré Nail Lacquers in blues.
 Because i think most people only really need mini bottle I was suckered in to get this blue set of Quo by ORLY 5 Ombré Nail Lacquers out of the three they offer are LE gifts sets for summer. There is also a pink set and violet. None of these sets has a colour name nor do the bottle have a name for the shades but this blue set dose have a few repeats from their permeant line. second shade from the left is their permanent Blue Skies (cream) and the second last shade is their Cosmic Star (shimmer) shade but it's missing the subtle purple reflex but I when applied they look ideal and wear the same.

Just a waring I have toe swatches after the jump on these.

Flash: Quo by ORLY 5 Ombré Nail Lacquers in blues. 

Pretty much all these shades took 2 coat to be opaque but I usually do a third one in thin layers.

What you see is what you get. For the two darker ones are shimmer shades, but I found the glitter would sink into the base shade giving a s softer stain finish to the shade.

I've had these on for 3 week now with a minor chip.

Really solidly made, the brushes are tiny and thin so I recommend loading up your brush and working quickly to smooth the product out.

I got this set after buying the 18 mini set out first. I love these ombre sets and it great for anyone look to get more shades of their favourite colour weather or not you into the ombre effect.

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