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Tuesday 12 February 2013

Sytli-Style Give me Lip Part 2 in DIRTY 30'S & SWINGING 60'S: Swatches & Review


Both Styli-Style and Prestige cosmetics brands is being removed from Rexall stores. I'm not sure why or what they are getting to replace them but Rexall was the only store in eastern Canada to carry the lines sadly. They are all on clearance right now for 50%-80% off. So I tired to grab what I could.

Retails for 5.99US and $8.99CAN normally.

Give Me Lip pencils are creamy lip colour that dry down to a more satin/matte finish on the lips.

DIRTY 30'S is a Hot deep pink/berry shade that is matte
SWINGING 60'S is a mid-tone Violet Pink with satin with pearl shimmer finish

Wear: Give Me Lip pencils close to 6 hours wear not bad at all! You will be stained on the lips as well.

Daylight swatches: DIRTY 30'S & SWINGING 60'S
Flash swatches: DIRTY 30'S & SWINGING 60'S
DIRTY 30's
You can see the two other shades I have here.

I'm so sad these are gone because no other retailer carries this line in Canada.

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