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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Condition Culture , Featherlocks, and Knotties: Swatches & Review

Featherlocks, and Knotties
The Colorsmash pot retail for $15US and $15CAN. The Featherlocks and Knotties I not sure what they retail for as there not on the company site for sale. These items cam from a Summer Loose Button.
Cocoa, Cosmopolitan, & A True Royal
Cocoa, Cosmopolitan, & A True Royal back of boxes
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Cocoa, Cosmopolitan, & A True Royal
Cocoa, Cosmopolitan, & A True Royal

Product: These Colorsmash Hair Shadows are waxy textured pressed shadows. The waxes texture help to grab to you hair really well.

Cocoa is a warm tone brown (which blend into my hair tone >_<)
Cosmopolitan is a bright fuschia.
A True Royal is a deep blue

Wear: All day!

Packaging: Shadows in a jar pot.

Cocoa, Cosmopolitan, & A True Royal
Cosmopolitan, & A True Royal on my hair

Featherlocks, and Knotties:
The feather lock is just a feather attached to small toupee clip to secure to your hair. To get a nice a effect going but you will need a few of more strands in your hair. But the feather is super thin which is unusually to find.

Knotties are basically elastic bands tired at one end to form a knot and seal the strand. They work but they pretty light wight so don't expect them hair ties to hold out heavy/thick hair one it's own. the look like you tied your hair with ribbon though which might be a nice accent.

This sort of product is just not for me as my hair i curly/wavy it hair to get a consistent streak of colour going. But if you have more manageable hair these grab since to your hair strands!

The Featherlocks and Knotties are nice to have but not a game changer by any means.

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