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Thursday 1 August 2013

Disney Ariel Set the Mood Compact Mirror: Review

Disney Ariel Set the Mood Compact Mirror
It finally arrived! Retailing at $20US and $24CAN I place my order 3 weeks ago from Sephora to Canada just for this mirror.

"You've got to be you" engraving from the TV series 

This compact dose has a bit of weight as it made of a case metal body. I'm not sure if the "Glass" is actually glass or plastic either still as it the same facing as the Cinderella one.

The design is seaweed inspire outer ring in metal silver with the "fish" ring around Ariel and Eric. This is not a subtle design with them in the boat. It kind of lack the sophistication of the Cinderella and jasmine one. I would have like to seen Atlantica instead or Ariel's grotto (the place she was collection her human trinkets)


Seaweed wallpaper pattern
Back of box

Again a nicely done and functional compact. I still like this but in terms of design I wished they gone a slight different imagery. For all up Ariel loves this it up our alley!

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