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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Eve Pearl Priming Moisturizer with Astaxanthin: Swatches & Review

Eve Pearl Priming Moisturizer with Astaxanthin

Retails for $35 US on the Eve Pearl site. This is my second purchase of this primer as well and have been using for 2+ years. (Last about 20 month for me once opened)

I happen to be allergic to a lot of sun screens, I still not sure what the indignant is that giving me issue as my reaction is full blown hives where I put it on the next day. >_< 

NOTE: I use physical sun block now only. The new chemical one found in the Neutrogena called Helioplex® I was able to use without issue the first year it was out but now that I picked up a new bottle I can't wear it either. (sign)

So the fact that Astaxanthin is a natural sun block makes it ideal for me a a primer with my makeup and it does work. 

As a primer is  hydrates and smooth out the skin for makeup. I've only had issue with silicone based foundation not wear as well with this under it. For those i use a silicon primer (like to like) but it use it with liquid, cream and mineral foundation beautifully.

You could also use this as a daily moisturiser and for sun screen (but you should reapply it for sun screen).

This is not what I consider a silicone primer, although dimethicone is an an ingredient it's list rather low on the ingredient list.

Colour: I've notice these is a colour change to the primer but both the new and old format blends into the skin clear.

Wear: 16 hours wear time with foundation, the product absorbs mostly into the skin with little tackiness.

Packaging: Black squeeze tube.

Daylight swatches: Old and new primer.

Daylight swatches: Old and new primer.

Although for days I know I'm going to me sweating a lot I use my Annabelle CC cream as a primer, but this is one I recommend for daily use for both it's priming and skin benefits and for those with sensitive skin to try out.

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