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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Annabelle Quad Eyeshadows in Chai Chai Chai & Money: Swatches & Review

Annabelle Quad Eyeshadows in Chai Chai Chai & Money
Retails for $10.95CAN each online this is what I also payed for them at Zerhs.

Annabelle Quad Eyeshadows in Chai Chai Chai & Money

Chai Chai Chai
Chai Chai Chai
The quads contain satin to shimmer finish shades. The Chai Chai Chai quad contain all richly pigmented and butter shades to my surprise as much as i love their single shadows the trios and Quads I found sheer in comparison to their old ones. The Monday Quad however was a touch sheer over all for each. There still very workable if you use them over a base but their just not as pigmented on their own.

Chai Chai Chai in:
Cream/Crème is a light golden burnt yellow
Gold/OR  is a bright bronze shade with an orange base
Bronze is a deep bronze shade
Brown/Brun is a cool tone dark brown

Money in:
Cream/Crème is a light pale yellow/white
Green/Vert is a light khaki green
Mink/Vison is a antique brown with a subtle green undertone
Olive is a dusty khaki green

Wear: I got about 5 to 6 hours wear on their own with the Chai Chai Chai and 3 to 4 hours wear with Money before noticeable fading/creasing.

Packaging: A solid plastic compact with clear window top. It come with two very tiny sponge applicators.

Daylight swatches: Cream/Crème, Gold/OR, Bronze, & Brown/Brun
Flash swatches: Cream/Crème, Gold/OR, Bronze, & Brown/Brun  
Daylight swatches: Cream/Crème, Green/Vert, Mink/Vison, & Olive
Daylight swatches: Cream/Crème, Green/Vert, Mink/Vison, & Olive 

I was surprising pleased with the Chai Chai Chai quad and The Money is decent if your looking for a green palette.

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