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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Milani Brow Fix in 01 Light: Swatches & Review


Milani Brow Fix in 01 Light
Retails for $6.99 US or $8.99CAN as Zerhs. Other then NYX there very few drug store brands that make a brow kit on the market so I finally picked this up to try out a few months back.

Milani Brow Fix in 01 Light
back of compact
Is a compact house two powder brow shades and one highlighter. The texture is smooth in application. Their is also a swivel section to house some tiny tools if you in a pinch. The tweezers are hard to work at that size i found, The brush and sponge applicator are ok. ;)

Hi-Lite is a shimmer light champagne brow bone colour

Brow 1 is a light taupe shade ideal for blondes with cool tones to their hair but it still has a bit of warmth to it.

Brow 2 is a neutral brown shade.

Wear: I got about 8 hours wear on their own int he eyebrow area. The Hi-Lite wears off in 6 hours

Packaging: A solid plastic compact clear lid and mirror.
Daylight Swatches: Hi-Lite, Brow 1, & Brow 2
Flash Swatches: Hi-Lite, Brow 1, & Brow 2 
This is a nice drugstore option if you looking for a brow kit. The powders are great and the tool are functional to get you started.

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