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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro's Picks Portables - Lip Tar Test Tube x 12 Set ( Zhora, Annika, Cha Cha, Grandma, Harlot, Vintage, Nylon, Hoochie, Digitalis, Sebastian, & Iced ) : Swatches & Review

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro's Picks Portables -  Lip Tar Test Tube x 12 Set
This OCC Pro's Picks Portables - Lip Tar Test Tube x 12 Set retails for $59US or $71CAN for the Mini x 12 Set. Each tube is 1/4 the size of a full Lip Tar so the price for the 12 is the volume and price of 3 regular size Lip Tars and the brush.

It's just a few more dollars compared to last years 12 tube set and has no repeats from that one as well. ;)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro's Picks Portables -  Lip Tar Test Tube x 12 Set

Zhora, Annika, Cha Cha, Grandma, Harlot, Vintage, Nylon, Hoochie, Digitalis, Sebastian, & Iced

The OCC original formula matte Lip Tars are all strongly pigmented and dry down to a matte finish on the lips. I only have a slight problem with Sebastian being slightly sheer but it looks good on the lips. 

The OCC Metallic Lip Tars are a high shine formula. Zhora is a weird mix as I not really metallic but more like the matte formula with a tiny bit of shimmer. Iced has no colour base so it's sheer white micro shimmer but it last longer then Zhora.

Interlace (Matte) is a pale peach nude.

Zhora (Metallic) is a peach orange with a pink shimmer. This shade doesn't get opaque on it's own and I recommend using a lip pencil first to get the full benefit of the shade.

Annika (Matte) is a pale neutral peach/pink. A VERY wearable nude on my fair skin.

Cha Cha (Matte) is a light orange nude.

Grandma (Matte) is a bright classic coral pink. This new version is slightly lighter then the 2010 one I purchased but not by much!

Vintage (Matte) is a deep warm red.

Harlot (Matte) is a neon pink/red.

Nylon (Matte) is a vivid bubblegum pink. (MAC's Candy Yum Yum in liquid form)

Hoochie (Matte) is a vibrant purple that leans slightly pink. This new version is slightly darker then the 2010 one I purchased.

Digitalis (Matte) is a light cool tone pink.

Sebastian (Matte) is a plum-toned taupe. The shade in the tube looks grey but this one is semi opaque as well allowing a touch of your natural skin colour to show through.
(Random Note: I'm I the only one that thinks that OCC follows Black Butler. lol )

Iced (Metallic) is a pure frost white. This shade will never be opaques but I love it for mixing with the mattes to get a satin finish or adding a pop of shine on the lips.
I've also used iced as a liquid highlighter on the skin as well. ;)

Wear: All the mattes I get up to 12 hours wear with care on there own (no getting food on the lips and drinking with a straw. ;) )

6 hour wear for Zhora (the matte peach base being the issue) and Iced lasted 8 hours on me because of the size of the metallic particles was smaller.

Packaging: Simple clear squeeze tube that is close to 1/2 the size of the original (these are only about 3/4 full with product). They come with the #010S Precision Lip Brush.

The pouch is clear and has pockets for the lip tars and brush to stay in. And has a post card style inlay.

Daylight swatches: Interlace, Zhora, Annika, Cha Cha, (2010 Grandma above), Grandma, Harlot, Vintage, Nylon,
Hoochie above), Hoochie, Digitalis, Sebastian, & Iced 
Flash swatches: Interlace, Zhora, Annika, Cha Cha, (2010 Grandma above), Grandma, Vintage, Harlot, Nylon, (2010 Hoochie above), Hoochie, Digitalis, Sebastian, & Iced

Cha Cha

Great pairing to last years set. Some of the shades here are unusual which makes have the smaller tubes ideal as well as chances are you might end up using less of the product then a full size tube has to offer. ;)

FTC: This post contains affiliate links. 


  1. I'm so tempted to get this set!! I've been debating since it came out!! Great lip swatches!

    1. It's a great way to try out a number of shades and even with the small size there soo pigmented that they will last you awhile.