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Monday 14 December 2015

Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick in Renagade and Coven Cream : Swatches & Review

Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick in Renagade and Coven Cream.
Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick retails for $9US for 8g of product (for the new packaging). These 3 shades a very close in colour.... lol

Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick in Renagade and Coven Cream
Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick in Coven Cream
Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick in Renagade ingredients
Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick  formula is another take on the liquid to matte lipstick formula but it not budge proof. It more like the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar but here the thing about this comparison.

With the Lip Tar can slightly feather within an hour if you use to much but the feathering it at most 1mm outside you lip line and can be prevent completely with any lip liner.

The Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick you don't experience feathering within the first few hours but the bleeding became very intense after 3+ hours... I had a good and thorough bleed of 2mm to 4mm outside the lip line based on the amount of product I had on my lips. I both confused and horrified me as it's such a strange time to experience the lip product bleed. That said yes a lips liner of any wax base keep this under control. Just a note my lips are on the small side so a 4mm bleed is like clown lips for an over draw look. lol

The formula also starts dries down in that 3 hour mark to a matte finish. The product stays glossy for thous first few hours compared to OCC Lip Tars.

It also has a strong permanent oil scent and tingly feel.

Coven Cream is a pale desaturarted nude grey mauve.
Renagade is a warn tawny brown. 

Wear: For about 4-6 hours with no base.

Clear tube with a small doe foot applicator. 

Daylight swatches: Coven Cream & Renagade
Flash swatches: Coven Cream & Renagade
 One layer on lips.
Coven Cream
I think these 2 shades are very unique but for me the bleeding of the product make it a hassle and I rather stick with my Lip Tars. That said they are stream lining their product line in the future so I'm hoping that comes with a formula tweak.

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