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Tuesday 20 November 2012

IMATS TORONTO 2012 Recap and Haul

Me and Van Derful
A little late on the recap but here it is! I didn't stay as long as previous years but I've been lucking in not needing to wake up at 5:30AM to get ready for the first Greyhound Bus to Toronto either. lol Also dress comfortable as I new it was going to be warm in the show space.

I met Van coming off of the greyhound bus, as she look like someone that would be going to IMATS wearing fake lashes that early in the morning. We took the TTC from Union to Kipling Station and took one more bus up to Dixon road. It was my first time taking the Kipling route and Van first time taking the subway.

We arrive at the Toronto Congress Centre at 10:20AM and managed to bump into upon entering...

Lauren (Queen of blending)
Lauren is so sweat, she was say that she wasn't sure if anyone would recognise her here in Toronto. And considering how out in the middle of nowhere the Toronto Congress Centre is I don't blame her. LOVED the radioactive/zombie pony dress.

It was last minute finding out she was coming so I packed a few goodies I got from Anime North Crafters Corner for her and her daughter and a Ddung Doll phone/key chain strap. lol

Once you spot one Youtuber you will bump into others.
? (sorry please help me filler her name in), Heather Hill (sokolum79), JeanFrancoisCD, Lauren
Heather Hill, Stacey Brennan, Jessica Desjardins (
I now last year that Stacey and Jessica came to the show last year

At the end of hour day around 2pm we bumped into Kevin James Bennett again when he was away from the Royal booth and the presentation stage.
Kevin James Bennett
Kevin James Bennett
If your going to an IMATS make sure to check out one of his presentations with brushes. ;) In 2010 he definitely sold me on trying out a few new shapes.

The Haul, Hit, and Misses

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
This was the first booth i tried to buy from. I was interested in their OCC SKIN CONCEAL formula in Y0 & Y1 to mix a foundation shade for me. Y0 turned out too dark on me sadly for that so I spiked them. I also tried out their CRÈME COLOUR CONCENTRATE at the show and they had a new shade called Grandma this is a lovely coral pink colour that was rich pigmented. I could see it working as a blush and lip colour. I also tried out JOHN DOE which it a nice grey tone brown for contouring.

I have also going in the hope of picking foresee up the new Lip Tar in Black Dahlia but they sold out before the show and didn't bring any. Instead I pick up only 3 of the new metallic lip tars in Electric Grandma, Super NSFW, & Yaoi for $12 each. I some wicked mixing in the future. The metal finish is not nearly as shimmer as most online swatches where registering. Even ICED was a micro finish white pearl would be nice addition to any kit.

Temptu Pro
I was crossing my finger they would bring their bright green Dura colour and they did. This AA (Alcohol Activate) makeup was one of the main reason I was going to IMATS as I will be turning myself green and pale purple over the summer for a few costume. I picked up the Dura Liquid Starter Prime set (8 shades), Dura Original Colors 300 White 1oz and their Dura Classic Specialty Colors 310 Jade 1oz. 
Came to a total of $38.

Also piked up these Yaby refillable empty tubes with ball barring for mixing my custom shades of AA makeup I'll be needing.

Jordane Cosmetics
I picked up their Body Paint - Primary Colours to test if they would work with Temptu formula. It also came with a small air brush cleaning solution they make. I picks up their Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive in 1/2oz which I was excited to see as no one seems to list this in Canada on it's own. And finally A/B Face & Body Skin Cleanser that work with all airbrush make up. The tip I got with this is to slather it on the skin and let it soak a bit before wiping.

It was $16 Body Paint - Primary Colours,  $11 Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive in 1/2oz and $6 for the A/B Face & Body Skin Cleanser.

The green body paint I'm trying to match up to some stocking to same a bit more time while getting into my costume. These one are too neon so I will be trying to dye a custom pair.

Not that too far removed but you can blend up to a neon unfortunately. :P

Because both Namies and Alcone didn't show up this year I went to the Nigel Beauty Emporium to stock on up some staples. The booth however was only a 1/4 size and because it was only one selling simple items it was PACKED. Things like blotting paper I could not find anyone selling at the show either. >_<

Another both I was curious about was the Veil Cosmetics with their illuminating complexion fix. 1N actually work for me and my uber pale skin. There wasn't much of a show discount. I think it was only $6 off their $38 retail price. That seemed like a lot of money for brush concealer at that time when I was looking for items for the year. I did test it on on my blue veins on my wrist to see how well it concealer and it pretty much covered them. O_O

Wolfe FX 
The Canadian distributor is the store Kind of Magic located in Waterloo. I got their Neon/Metallix Color Palette for $40. It wasn't much of a discount but it was the best deal to placated my want for neon and metallic paint. lol 

I had been eye Kryolan neons and metallic Aquacolors as well. The palettes there where going for $20 to $35 each.

Velour Lashes
I got a second pair of Strike a Pose and a first for me pair of the T Dot Ohhh! lashes. Both where $20 each for personal use. ;)

Naked Cosmetic
I was looking forward to picking up some Gem Powders. Unfortunately they didn't bring them. >_< But one of the sales people mentioned If I contacted after the show she would offer what every rate they would have had one them. I'm a big broke till the new year so I'm hopping to get them in February. ;)

I did pick up this Naked Advanced Skin Cream set, they sold last me a year on it but had way to much skin product t o work through before buying this.
I also picked up the Naturally Nude & Sierra Nevada Collection to round out my horde (yes HORDE) of Naked stacks I have. 

I payed $80 for the set of Naked Advanced Skin Cream 2 large & 2 travel sizes.
The naked stacks where 2 for $50

Lotion Micellaire (No Rinse Make-Up Remover), this is a replacement for the year. I use this after removing my makeup and washing my face to clean my skin one more time and act like a toner for me as well. This can take off most eye makeup except gel liners on it's own. ;) 
Cost $20 for 250ml.

I was hoping they would have nail wheels but alas it was a no go. They did however have eyelash dyeing supplies so I picked up their Refectocil Oxidant 3% 50mL and Combinal Eye Dye Black to try my hand at dyeing my eyelashes from blonde to black. 
The Refectocil Oxidant 3% 50mL was $6 and the Combinal Eye Dye Black was $9.

BeautyD was selling Cailyn Gel Liner, this wasn't apart of my checklist but I wanted to get a new black gel liner and their where having a 1 for $15 or 3 for $30 one these. I got Black, Green, & Charcoal.

The also saw this product Call U-NIC Exfoliate Me-Oxygen Exfoliating Mousse. It's an exfoliater that you massage into the skin and it gently lifts you first dead skin layer. I still want to get it, but forgot to go back again. ;)

Face Atelier
My friend that I usually go to IMATS texted me saying she wanted a new Ultra Foundation Pro #2 Ivory to blend with her #4 shade for the winter so I picked this up for her.
The show price was 40% off at this booth.

Picked up the Yaby Something Bright palette. 
The show price was 40% off at this booth.

I finally got the Flash Palette I've been eyeing for years. Also got the Aqua Shadow 26E - Pearly Peach I've been coveting since the line came out. 

I also checked out the 4 HOLODIAM powders that came out for the holidays. They where pretty, glitter pigments but you really didn't get a lot of product for the price so I passed on them.
The show price was 40% off at this booth.

Royal & Langnickel
I was only going to get a few of the [R]evolution brush but ended up talking myself into this BX-SET12 - [R]evolution Premiere Pro 12 which contains the fallowing brushes: 
SM Powder (BX-10), Kabuki Brush (BX-30), Pointed Foundation (BX-55), Pointed Concealer (BX-60), Flat Concealer (BX-50), LG Flat Eye Fluff (BX-70), Detail (BX-80), Crease (BX-90), LG Smudger (BX-95), Flat Liner (BX-110), Brow/Spoolie Dual (BX-135), and Square Lip (BX-125). 

I also picked up their  Medium Fluff (BX-75) separately as this is the [R]evolution version of my favourite eye shadow brush the SILK GREENLINE GL-3 Eye Shadow and it doesn't hurt to have more.

The show price was 50% off at this booth.

And the only Freebie I got during the day was this Zero Red Bull while waiting at the Greyhound bus depot. lol

Expect to see reviews on all of these (except the Red Bull.)

Makeup for the Day
Photo's where taken wile sitting down to eat before leaving.

Van was wearing a black winged liner and half lash.

I wanted to keep it simple because I'm kind of a zombie for the first few hours in the morning. I'm wearing Missha M Perfect Cover to even out my skin and Eve Pearl salmon concealer on my under eyes and Amazing Concealer to cover the break out on my chin. Can't hind the bump with concealer but all the redness is gone.

The eyes I wanted to challenge myself and pulled out the Naked Cosmetics collection in Twilight. (Breaking Dawn weekend!) I used everything but the purple.

Also no blush that just me pecking through. lol

Also good news IMATS Toronto 2013 is moving to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre next year!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, IMATS!!!!

I visit the Toronto Congress Centre every year for Anime North but I also spend the full weekend their as well. Commuting back and forth in on day to it is just not fun by public transit.

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