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Thursday 1 November 2012

MAC Holiday Divine Desire & Glamour Daze: Swatches & Review

MAC Holiday Divine Desire Paramour Pink Kit, Quite Coral & Glamour Daze A Natural Flirt 

MAC Holiday items finally arrived for me. There was some delays due to weather. ;) I order in the Divine Desire Paramour Pink Kit, Quite Coral kit $70US / $85CAN each & Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in A Natural Flirt $19.50US / $22.50CAN.

All the products are full sized in the Divine Desire Kits except the blush which is the size of a Pro Longwear Eyeshadow.

This is the most I've bought from a Holiday collection since Royal Assets 2007. 

I've review MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Guilty and Superb when they where first release but is also being re-promoted again as part of the Glamour Daze collection.

I apologies for not getting daylight photo's but it' been raining/overcast for over a week now in my area.

Boxes and free wrapping

Size of clutch
Purple Dash, Photogravure, In a Heartbeat, Heart to Heart, A Natural Flirt, Pure Flattery, Warm Embrace, Born to Love, & Divine Desire
First section of the Paramour Pink clutch and 129SE blush/powder brush
 Second section of the Paramour Pink clutch with mirror and makeup tray
Paramour Pink clutch, makeup tray is removable, look at all that space. ;)
Product & Colour Paramour Pink Kit:   

Divine Desire (Frost) blush is a cool-toned medium pink with a sheen finish.  

Heart to Heart (Cremesheen) is a mid tone warm pink with a soft sheen to it. At first I tough it was berry looking pink in the tube but I plays a lot warmer then that. It has opaque colour coverage.  

Warm Embrace (Frost) Lipglass warm tone girly pink with gold shimmer. On the lips it sheer looking colour coverage but the pink is there and the gold shimmer is more noticeable. 

Purple Dash Technakohl Liner is warm tone purple. The subtle gold sparkle that disappears when you apply it. It was sheer in on stroke but buildable.

Quite Coral kit

Product & Colour Quite Coral kit: 

Born to Love (Frost) blush is a coral-pink with a warm undertone with fine light gold shimmer speckled through it. The finish is much more of a satin formula with added shimmer and on me the pink tone do show up dispute it being on the warm side.  

In a Heartbeat (Cremesheen) is a light warm peach/pink. It has opaque colour coverage.  

Pure Flattery (Frost) Lipglass is a warm peach nude with multi-colored micro-shimmer. On the lips it sheer looking colour coverage. The colour shift is very subtle and more of a warm champagne frost.   

Photogravure Technakohl Liner is a warm chocolate brown that lean a little closer to neutral.   

Both Blushes last a good 8 hours with Divine Desire lasting a bit longer in a faded shade of pink.  

Both Cremesheen lipsticks wear about 4 to 6 hours before they faded.  

Both Lipglass last 3 to 4 hours one me before fading occurred. That pretty long on me consider most gloss lasted on me for 2 hours at best. 

Both Technakohl Liner wear for a full 12 hours on me with minimal fading. Liner tend to not fade that much one me however as they are always exposed on my lid shape.  

The kits come in a pillow covered plastic clutch with a magnetic closure. I  open it by holding the centre of the bow. I have a big of weight to it. The bottom try is removable. I would have like to seen a strap attachment maybe so that your hand are not always touching the fabric one these. ;)  

The 129SE blush/powder brush that comes with it it not horrible but not as soft as the original 129 blush/powder brush. I honestly wish they skip this to bring the kit price down. 

Compare:  MAC's Soft Coral and Ever Hip is in the same colour family as In a Heartbeat.
Soft Coral, In a Heartbeat, & Ever Hip

Extra Dimension Eyeshdow in A Natural Flirt
Product & Colour:
The Extra Dimension eyeshadow are identically to their Estee Lauder Cyber Metallic formula in terms of finish and wear. High shine but very dewy finish that gives dimension to the shape it's on. A Natural Flirt happens to be the sheerest of the shadows in Glamour Daze but it also have a subtle duochrome shift from light pink to warm light peach.

Wear: A Natural Flirt wore on my lids without a primer and did fade to nothing after 5 hours. I do have slight oily/hooded lids. So unless a product has long wear properties they just won't last on there own on me without a primer.

Packaging: I love MAC's packing, simple and sturdy in this case is a glossy black. ;)

Compare: I don't have a shade like this.

Free Large Gift wrapping with a rubber bow

Flash swatches: Photogravure, Purple Dash, In a Heartbeat, Heart to Heart, Pure Flattery, Warm Embrace, Born to Love, & Divine Desire

Flash swatches: Photogravure & Purple Dash single stroke and blocked

Flash swatches: In a Heartbeat, Heart to Heart, Pure Flattery, & Warm Embrace

Flash swatches: Born to Love heavy and light & Divine Desire heavy and light 

 Flash swatches: A Natural Flirt dry & damp

In a Heartbeat

Pure Flattery

In a Heartbeat with Pure Flattery over it

Heart to Heart

Warm Embrace

Heart to Heart with Warm Embrace over it

Other then the brushes these are very thought out and well put together kits. Usually MAC holiday face kits don't interest me but the shades they created where well done and matched each other in terms of a colour story/look.

The eyeshadow will probably become a favourite of mine. It a shame they didn't use the large eyeshadows pan format on these like the first lunch of the Extra Dimension Eyeshadows because I can see hitting pan with this one.

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