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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Lancome Kohl in Love in 501 Jade Crush: Swatches & Review

Lancôme Kohl in Love in 501 Jade Crush
Lancôme Kohl in Love in 501 Jade Crush retails for $26 USD / $24 CAD. This is a waterproof pencil with the cream rich consistency of a Kohl pencils. The formula also come in a 401 Deepwater Blue - Dark Blue and 101 Chocolate Affair - rich deep brown shades as well from tester are equally pigmented and buttery in texture.
Mirror box
Mirror box

Product: Smooth, cream, fluid yet dense. This gel pencil it just so buttery it effortless to apply in on stroke without tugging and imparts great pigmentation. It also has a similar texture to a a true khol liner (the ones shaped like a triangle). You don't want to apply yo mush pressure with this one as it's  very soft as well. 

Colour: 501 Jade Crush is a vivid matte teal/turquoise shade.

Wear: 16 hours with no issue Left it on a test are for 24 hour before noticing any some of fading.

Packaging: Standard pencil.

Compare: The Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner is a good comparison. Those are also buttery smooth when applying but the formula does not fell as dense when working with it compared to the Khol in Love formula.
Daylight swatch: Kohl in Love in 501 Jade Crush

Flash swatch: Kohl in Love in 501 Jade Crush

Verdict: Definitely a keeper!
I want to see more shades in this formula and possible make it permanent Lancome!

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