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Saturday 12 January 2013

MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact in Extra Light: Swatches & Review


MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact in Extra Light
Every one is doing BB/CC creams now but I'm trusting in MAC to pull something off similar to some Asian BB creams in texture.

Retailing for $30US and $36.50CAN for 8g/0.28 oz of product. I don't know about you but the tone of this is NOTHING like the Extra Light shade found in the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

I'll also point out the the three shade in Extra Light, Light and Light Plus has very little difference in colour as well when picking your tone.

Smooth compact
Rainbow sparkle plastic like the rest of the Prep + Prime line containers.

Product & Colour 
This compact version of MAC BB has a far bit of coverage consider these are usually very sheer. When I blend it out it can still see the pigment on my face but it just make my uber pale skin look slightly tan rather then orange mac-fakery. 

It does smooth out the texture of the skin, it also did crease on the fine fold lines on the lower eyelid but any cream product will do that one me. 

There is one thing that bugs me. There is a noticeable fine micro shimmer to this product. To other this might just look dewy and nice. On my very translucent skin that natural reflects light, this looks unnatural on me like I belong to a vampire clan. >_< Just not happening.

I can not claim anything on the long term benefits of the product however. Just the superficial ones. ;)

Wear: I wore this on the face for 10 hours under normal conditions and it fading by that 10ths hour on it's own.

Packaging: Same MAC packing, simple and sturdy with a full top mirror. It also come with a flat foam sponge.

Compare: Despite also having titanium dioxide my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No13 does not have nearly as much frostiness compared to this MAC BB cream. Coverage wise the MAC one is sheerer as well.

Daylight swatch: Heavy and sheer
Flash swatch: Heavy and sheer see it shimmer compared to my skin

Not for me. The micro shimmer in this product annoys me and it visible on my skin under indoor lighting.

You might like this depending on your needs in a face BB cream. That said I will probably never review a drug store BB cream on here (but I've tried a few), this does have the makings of proper BB found n the Asian market.

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