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Wednesday 2 January 2013

MAC Stereo Rose 2012 Mineralize Skinfinish: Swatches & Review


MAC Stereo Rose 2012

Oh Stereo Rose how have many covet thee! During the 2010 re-release this puppy sold out in 10 minutes of the site launch. Yes I tried to get it that way at the time. It was first introduce in the 2005 MAC Goldplay July collection, I wasn't into MAC that year (was working to save for school ;) ) so I wasn't aware of the magic of Mineralize Skinfinish till 2007 where I started to pick up Petticoat (too glittery for me), Porcelain Pink, and By Candlelight through MAC and Ebay.

This Apres Chic re-promote is the first time seeing this product in person and working with it. Retails for $34 CAN or $29US (in 2005 retailed for $27 CAN and $23.50US), you best bet is to try smaller MAC stores as they will likely have it in-stock because again it sold out online the day or the release the 24th of December but stay on long enough to order it online. 

MAC Stereo Rose 2012
MAC Stereo Rose 2012

MAC Stereo Rose 2012

Product & ColourStereo Rose is a war tone pink flush of shimmer. there is a fins veining of copper ribbon that adds the warmth to the pink base but it doe not override that pink tone like I experienced with Light Year.

It's also pigmented making a nice blush and I found a little goes a long giving your skin a bit of colour and highlight dewiness in the same go.

Wear: 8 Hour wear so far before noticeable fading during the holidays. ;)

Packaging: Same MAC packing, simple and sturdy.

Compare: Mush smoother then Petticoat was in finish as it's the close shade finish to Stereo Rose.

Daylight swatch: Stereo Rose heavy & buffed out
Daylight & Flash swatch: Stereo Rose heavy & buffed out

Flash swatch: Stereo Rose heavy & buffed out (look as the pink glow ;) )

Universally Flattering! I can see this working on deeper skin tone as well as my super pale skin.

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