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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Opal/Gem Stone Painting Tutorial

Finished Opal Gem stones (4 coats of flecks and 2 coats coats of flecks)
If you can't find a gem stone in the shape and size you need g, make one with a glass Cabochon may be a way to go. I thin case I'm painting an peal effect gem but you can use any type of nail polish to create the colour and finish you want.

Flecky nail polish, you might want to get two different colour/sizes for verity
(Revlon Moon Candy collection, Essie - Shine of the Times, and Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez collation in Heavenly Angle are some current options)
A solid base nail polish colour (I used black in this case)
Glass Cabochon (I used a round 38mm one for this. a more flat version is good for this effect)
A brush if need be to apply the polish

2 glass Cabochon, Chloe Fleck Effect Topcoat, black nail polish, and China Glaze Luxe & Lush

Step 1:
Start with a clean glass Glass Cabochon
Use your finer flecky polish first
One coat

2 coats

Step 2: 
Then layer you larger flecky polish

1 coat

2 coats

Step 3: 
Seal the back with you solid nail polish colour

2 coats of black

Step 4 (optional): 
Seal the back with a clear coat if the back of the gem will be exposed in your setting

Otherwise your done!
4 layers of Flecky Polish
4 coats of flecks and 2 coats coats of flecks
Flecks colour shift at different angles giving a true opal effect
4 coats of flecks and 2 coats coats of flecks
Have Fun with this. ;)

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