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Monday 1 April 2013

Dupe - Alternative to the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove: How I wash my brushes.

Grooming mitt

I saw this here in Canada at the Dollarama chain of dollar stores found all over Ontario and parts of Quebec. But these are basic rubber brushing mitts for pets you can find different versions of. So for $2 I though I'd give it a go. ;) I've been using it for 3 weeks now for brush cleaning.

EDIT: Sigma has just lunche their new Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat. I fits into a standard skin and has suction cups on the bottom so that it doesn't slide around int the sink. :)

I pick this one up because what you are really looking for is something to help you deep clean the brushes. The same same bristles can help you rinse as well so there no having "Undulating Waves" seen on the Sigma spa really. I one thing it lacking is a "Shaping" thumb but I'm not that lazy to not use my hands for that and my brush guards.

The mitt its self is made out of sports jersey netting fabric (some form of polyester). The inside of the glove has an elastic to hold you finger in place and velcro around the wrist.

For my purposes I cut the black thread attaching the rubber pad to the glove and ripped the glove off from the pad.

The bristles on this glove come in three sizes large, medium, and small.

For my large makeup brushes I use the large bristles located in the centre and bottom grouping.

For medium brushes I use the medium bristles found on the outside groups and the middle pathways.

For my small brush I used the tiny bristles.

Lip tar on brush, after washing

Also helps in removing lip tar staining along with the soap I use which is The Masters Artist's Hand Soap.

20 minutes to deep clean all these brushes!

I hope this helps as it does speed up the washing proses significantly. ;)


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    1. It is though isn't it. ;) I do like the idea of having suction cups to keep the matte in place though that sigma added to their mat.