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Monday 1 April 2013

Hard Candy Visibly Wet Shocking Glossy Lip Pencils: Swatches & Review

Visibly Wet Shocking Glossy Lip Pencils Candy Apple and Babe  
Retails for 8.99CAN or $6.00US at Walmart another contender in the lip pencil/gloss category.

Slick and richly pigmented. The texture of these are thick and a bit goopy if you over do it. The finish is juicy looking on the lips.

Be gently while applying these and the formula is super soft and can get mushed easily on the lips or with a bit more pressure.

Candy Apple is a vibrant true red with glitter
Babe  is a hot pink with glitter as well.

Wear: 3 Hour wear before noticeable fading one me. The colour lingers a bit after that as a stain.

Packaging: Simple pencil with a clear lid.

Compare: I've honestly never used a formula like these before. They feel like dense lips gloss to me over a lipstick.

Daylight swatches: Candy Apple and Babe  

Daylight & flash swatches: Candy Apple and Babe  

Flash swatches: Candy Apple and Babe  
Stain left on skin
Candy Apple


Although the formula drives me batter I can deny these look amazing on. Just not one i personally like due to texture of the formula.

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