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Friday 10 January 2014

Pin Curl Waves, Layering, Bob, and Poof Bangs / Fringe - Wig Tutorial

Watashi aka Ms. Sweets from Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita / Humanity has Declined!
This character has really long and super full hair which is completely unmanageable in real life! I a took a page from novel illustration and have her in waves instead. This tutorial will cover how to do pin curls on a synthetic wigs, poof bangs, and this is another spliced wig to maintain the volume of hair.

What you will need for the wig!
Detangler spray
Gator hair clips (at least 24 of them)
bobby pins
A Sort and Long Wig (I'm using a Magnum and Luthien in Light Pink from Arda Wigs)
Hair Sheers
Hair Razor/ Feathering Razor
Hairspray (Got2B Glued brand for hold)
A straightening iron
Toupee Clips

You can purchase your supplies from Ard Wigs (with international options) or Arda Wigs Canada.

Step 1:
Pretreat the base wig, which is the Luthien in this case.

out of the bag
out of the bag up close, it looks smooth but there are tangles and poofy-ness!

Sprayed with detangler 

Spray your wig down Detangler spray. I use Mane N Tail because it dries faster than oil based ones and has silicone in it. Brush out the tangles as you go and wait for the hair to dry (or speed it up with a hair dryer)

Once your done you wig might be poofy I use a straightening iron on the hair to rest the strains

lock combed out
The same lock straightened!

Step 2:
Section out the hair for pin curls.

In this case, I need both hands to do this (so no picture) but to make the pin curl set I take a lock of hair I want to curl and run it through the straightening iron till all the hair is heated up. Once the hair is hot but manageable to touch a pinch the hair in between my fingers index and middle finger to where I want ti curls to start near the base the wig and quickly wrap the hair around my fingers.

Then I take my two Gator hair clips and pin the hair in place before removing mu finger. This technique takes some practice but it's the fastest way to add ways to a wig. I can also do this without grabbing the hair with my fingers now and just use the index and middle finger together as a curler rod. ;)

Once the hair has cooled in place the hair will be in waves once you remove the clips but I leaf them pinned up for the next steps.

Step 3:
Work on the original bottom wig bangs. In this case, I just pinned them flat back out of the way for now.

Step 4:
Work on the top wig! at this point, I was measuring out where the bob cut begins on the character. From the inside, I cut only the elastic bands to remove the sections of hair.

Inside of wig
First cut
Measure again, it's a touch too long still.

Second cut
Just right!

Step 5:
Now to stack the two wigs!! Pin you top wig inside out to the wig head.

remove the side elastics or hook into wig wefts
Stack the bottom wig inside out on top of the top wig. 

I set the bottom wig further back to give the final wig more length.

Now sew the bottom wig into the top with a curved needle with matching thread.

tempale/ side burn area
along front hairline sewing around the crown skin cap
finish at another side of temple/sideburns

Step 6:
Sew in toupee clips to keep this wig on.

Step 7:
Flip you combine wig upside right and remove the pin from bottom wig as you don't need them anymore. Then flip the top wig back down over the bottom one.

Step 8:
Fluff the top wig up.

Step 9:
Adding poof to bangs!
Section out the bangs into small horizontal rows. Starting from the crown forward spray hairspray at the root and tease the hair. You then clip the bang hair pulled back and do the next row until you reach the front. You can leave it to dry on its own or use a hairdryer again to speed this up.

section 1
section 1
section 2
section 2
section 3 left side
section 3 left side
section 3 left side
section 3
section 4 left side 
section 4
section 5 right side 
section 5 left side
Leave to dry
 Troll hair much!!!

Step 10:
Styling your Bob Fringe. In this case, the bob curled outwards originally. I want her hair to lay flatter so I took my straightening and with it curled the tips inwards instead.

Step 11:
Style the bangs! I sleeked out the top layer of the bangs over the sprayed roots and under layer. I use a bit of hairspray at the tip to gather the hair as well and the side bangs. 

Gator clips were taken out.
Smoothed down


Later on, I did trim the centre bangs with Hair Sheers and a Hair Razor/ Feathering Razor while wearing the wig as I felt it look better on me.

I hope this helps!!! The nice thing is I can reuse both wigs if I want in the future for other cosplay as both are relatively unaltered. ;)


  1. I never thought anybody would do this character, it looks really cute on you.
    Besides the awesome job you did on the wig! And you even made the little fairies!!! XD

    1. Yes. I've Only seen on other in person at Anime North and one on The series is just to satire-ific not to do her.