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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Coastal Scents STEP ONE Eye Primer: Swatches & Reviews


Coastal Scents STEP ONE Eye Primer
Retails for $9.95US at Coastal Scents.
Coastal Scents STEP ONE Eye Primer
Coastal Scents STEP ONE Eye Primer
Coastal Scents STEP ONE Eye Primer
Product & Colour:
This is pale sheer nude shade primer that leave very little colour on the skin. It's silicone based and has a silky texture but I found it dried down to a matte finish/texture. This primer catches onto the eyeshadow very nicely and evenly but it look dull compared to my high end primers.

I found it best to pack on the shades when still damp to get the most of a colour payoff from our shadows.

Note I have some issue with this stinging slightly as it dried down into the skin. I thinks it the Sorbitan that causing this as I have sensitive skin on my eye any alcohol or acids (like Vitamin C) it feel a burn from these ingredients.

There is also isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol). But this stuff evaporates pretty quick so I'm not sure if it's causing the irritation. The stinging goes away but I'd rather not use a product like this one a daily bases if your sensitive.

Wear: 16 Hour wear before any noticeable fading. ;)

Packaging: Simple long squeeze tube with a standing cap.

Daylight swatches: STEP ONE Eye Primer heavy and smoothed out.
I think with those with less sensitive skin will have no problem using this primer. I have good wear time with my hooded lids.

I've been using this over the past week and the stinging isn't an issue anymore. I think it was a case of the product separating at the top (more liquid) and my skin just having a bad couple of days.

FTC: this post contains an affiliate link.

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