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Monday 7 July 2014

PPI Telesis Super Solv makeup remover : Review

PPI Telesis Super Solv 8oz
Retails for $9.00 US and $11.79 CAN at Sculpture Supply Canada where I ordered mine.
PPI Telesis Super Solv 8oz 

PPI Telesis Super Solv is a oily texture cleaner the is not greasy feeling. I still feel the need to clean the skin after using this but simple soap and water of a no rise solution will do the job.

This product feel dry on the skin as it has no moisturizing properties. But really I want this for those tough to remove makeup. ;)

It lifts just about anything stubborn from gel product, adhesives, and product stain the skin That i can trough at it.

Lipstick stains left by normal makeup cleansers
PPI Telesis Super Solv lifted them!

Excellent!!! if you in a physical or online store that carries this range of products get it if you like long wearing product or false lashes because this bust the products up. ;)

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