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Wednesday 16 July 2014

Dare to Compare - Burgundy & Wine Waterproof Eyeliner and Lip Liner Pencils (MAKE UP FOR EVER, Sleek & Prestige)


MAKE UP FOR EVER 18L, Sleek Raisin & Venom, Prestige Angora & Natural
This one covers:

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes Eyeliner is $19US or $23CAN
Sleek Eau La La eyeliner $6.50 US
Prestige Waterproof Lipliner $5.50US or $6.99CAN


MAKE UP FOR EVER has been a cult favourite for a long time because of the wear time with the formula. I do thing some of the shade a bit on dryer like this 18L but most a are very smooth to apply. I work great as both an eye liner and lip liner though.

Sleek Eau La La eyeliners is a waterproof formula but the base is more of a wax then a gel formula. For this reason it never sets completely on it's own and can still be smudged if you rub it. The pigmentation is very rich so for those that have a sensitivity to silicones in your eye makeup might find this formula appealing. 

But I also though having oily lids are not that oily to effect my eyeliner but because it waxed base it will break down fast on oily lids.

Prestige Waterproof Lipliner in Angora and Natural, the formula is a touch dryer, the colour is build able to get a full colour on both the eye and lip though.


MAKE UP FOR EVER 18L is a warm rich Burgundy with more brown based red and a matte finish.

Sleek Raisin is a cool tone Burgundy that lens a touch to the Wine purple side with a matte finish.

Sleek Venom is Wine red with a matte finish.

Prestige Angora is a pale blush berry shade with a matte finish.

Prestige  Natural is a pink based tan nude with a matte finish.

16+ hour wear time with the MAKE UP FOR EVER and Prestige I get the same wear with these brands. Sleek can last up to 16 hour if you set it with a powder for the eye area. 

The easiest to remove was the sleek ones because of the wax base.

Simple pencils that need to be sharpened. 

Swatched with one stroke and a block of colour each.

Daylight Swatches: MAKE UP FOR EVER 18L, Sleek Raisin & Venom, Prestige Angora & Natural
Flash swatches: MAKE UP FOR EVER 18L, Sleek Raisin & Venom, Prestige Angora & Natural
MAKE UP FOR EVER and Prestige for both no pull application and pigmentation. Sleek is much more of a kajal formula then a waterproof one.

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