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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Maybelline The Nudes Palette: Swatches & Review

Maybelline The Nudes Palette

Retails for $6.50US and $10.99CAN at Walmart. Maybelline makes some amazing eyeshadows with the Eye Studio line quads but most of those a shimmer/pearl shades only in the pans. I wanted to give this a shot because it's rare to see full palettes in the drugstore lines.

Maybelline The Nudes Palette

Maybelline The Nudes Palette
These eyeshadow fall under 4 finishes matte, satin, pearl, and shimmer,

The pearl and shimmer shades have great colour payoff.
The satin shades are sheer but build-able.
The matte ones however are chalky in texture and dry when trying to apply.

Row 1 shade 1 - is a light pearl opal with pink and gold shimmer.
Row 1 shade 2 - Is a pearl light taupe with white shimmer.
Row 1 shade 3 - is a light beige nude with a satin finish.
Row 1 shade 4 - is a green based bronze with a shimmer finish
Row 1 shade 5 - is a warm light brown with a satin finish.
Row 1 shade 6 - is a deep neutral brown with a matte finish.

Row 2 shade 1 - is a warm red based shimmer brown.
Row 2 shade 2 - is a warm yellow based brown with a satin finish.
Row 2 shade 3 - is a light shimmer gold.
Row 2 shade 4 - is a deep shimmer brown.
Row 2 shade 5 - is a warm beige with a pearl finish.
Row 2 shade 6 - is a dry matte black that looks grey.

Wear: On there own they will crease in 3 hours. There is just not enough binder for these shades to  last on their own. With a primer they will last though.

Packaging Basic compact with a clear lid and sponge applicator.

Daylight swatches: Top row
Flash swatches: Top row
Daylight swatches: Bottom row 
Flash swatches: Bottom row
It a workable palette in that the shades are usable over a primer. The matte black however is a real dud. So don't expect to get anywhere need a black out of it but you can use it to deepen the other shades.

So not as good as the Eye Studio quad shadows but this might interest you.

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  1. This palette is beautiful.