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Monday 21 August 2017

IMATS TORONTO 2017 New date and location! : new venders, Interesting panel/demos, my wish list, travel advisory & eateries.

IMATS TORONTO 2016 New date and location!
IMATS Toronto 2017 is arriving in August this year from the 26 to the 27 less than 1 week away! There are still have tickets for both days of Saturday, and Sunday Shows for $50 and Weekend Ticket Bundle $90 (save $10).

Chances are I'll be arriving at 9:30 am on the Saturday by Greyhound again.

I apologise for the lateness of this post as I was waiting for brand info, but this year the brands have been quite about going while as I've been expecting them to post booth info. :(

WIG I'll be wearing.
Ombre Wig Rachel from Arda Wigs
I'm probably going to be dressing down, it's an early start for me, and it's going to be hot!!! My purchases this year is more mainstream brands with a few FX one possibly thrown in.

Who dropped out:
LASplash Cosmetics Shame...

Nigel Beauty Emporium is also gone, so no Lashes, Empty container, industry makeup!

Alcone Company
 is gone again. :(

Dose of Colours still didn't come this year.

Clinique is not coming this year, but last year they were only promoting their products.

Melanie Mills Hollywood

Returning Vendor that have bigger spots.
Frends Beauty is back, they carried their own brand Stilazzi other brands like Viseart Paris, VUESET, Sigma Beauty, Vera Mona and more.

MAKE UP FOR EVER They are 40% everything and usually have some 50% bundles.

NYX Cosmetics is coming back this year with a larger table, so I'm crossing my fingers that they are bringing more items. That said on Queen Street where the original MAC Pro Store resided is where NYX Toronto flash ship store is. I'm going to see if I have enough time to run by it. ;) They were either 20% or 25% off last year.

Inglot makeup is coming this year with the full range of products and double the booth space. ;) They are 25% off for Pro Members.

They're both size is the same as last year but they did bring most of their product line, they didn't have any discount last year for the general public. ;) They are 20% for Pro Card Members. They now have a Canadian sales site, so I hope we get a slight discount. 

Violet Voss Cosmetics
Booth is the same size as last year, so I'm hoping they will bring their eyeshadow and liquid lipsticks as well as their lashes and Glitter from last year. The sold out of almost everything in the first 4 hours on Saturday last year.

MUSST is back with a two table booth, (psst, they had prosthetic transfers for Halloween last year. ;) )

Morphe Brushes
They have 3 x 3 table which will be massive! Again I like to go but there is usually an all day lineup and.... yeah. I honestly want to check out their palettes, so I hope the hype machine is over with them.
They really need to do a test area and a separate line-up for orders.

Benefit Cosmetics They had 40% off last year for their brow products. Free Gift for Pro Card Members this year.

Kat Von D Beauty They are offering 30% to Pro Card Members. They haven't posted anything about going. Lasat year it was 20% unless you spent over $200, I got 30% off. ;)

AJ CRIMSON Beauty is back and looking for MUA's for their booth.

Lime Crime is back, they haven't posted anything about going. Last year was 20% off.

Lady Moss Beauty is back

Crimes of Beauty if you are interested in makeup artist swag. ;)

Bare Minerals, and BUXOM are back. Buxom's Eyeshadows are amazing so do check them out!

Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg. Additional 20% for Pro Card Members & Bdellium Tools Up to 34% + Free Gift for Pro Card Members. If you want better quality brushes, check them out..... ;)

You can find all the Pro Card Memeber Discounts here.

New Venders 

Allurame Beauty Lashes and long-wear liquid lipsticks.

Annabelle Cosmetics They are offering 30% for Pro Card Members. Haven't said what kind of discount they will have at the booth for the rest of us.

Babes Cosmetics They seem to carry brushes and palette makeup.

BIODERMA has a booth this year.

Breakups to Makeup Has a booth this year with their cute makeup related swag.

Casa D’Arte is new, but I think they were at the show before under a different name. They sell a number of indie makeup brands and lashes.

Dermaflage is a silicone kits to fill in skin issues and they teamed up with Lit to create silicone glitter. If they have a good deal I'm tempted to get one of their kit and glitter.

ELLA lashes and makeup storage, 20% for Pro Card Members.

Flex Gel, can't find anything on them.

G4Ebeauty Lipstick, Gliter and Blush/Bronzers.

Gloss Boss Beauties, are selling LipSense products.

Heidi D. Cosmetics is back, her products are nice and I did pick up a lipstick from her booth 2 years ago, but the shade was DC'd. If you love shades of coral than she hase a number of them. ;)

Kind of Magic is back with the launch of the Cheek FX line. They sell other brands like Ben Nye, RCMA, WolfFX, & Primal Contact Lenses.

LARITZY Cosmetics 50% for Pro Card Members, mostly liquid lip stains and lip pencils.

Lloyd Alfaro / Ilona Alfaro Inc. Full range of brow beauty products and concealer.

Selectme, no info on this one.

Serpentine Beauty | Toronto They seem to have just lipstick and lipgloss for now.

Smith Cosmetics is here, they have their own brushes and brush portfolios.

SUVA Beauty love them. I'm finally putting up the a review this week of their two large palettes. I wanted to test out some of their other product in person first before buying them.

Tatul, skin refiner for those with tattoos.

truMedic medical devices, my family and I use Electrode Pads Io i might pick some up.

Classes and Speakers of interest (SAT): 
I'm sad as I'll miss the ones after the Battle of the brushes to do some fabric shopping before the stores close. But I don't think I'll be able to attend most during the day due to booth linesups either.

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Make-Up Artist Magazine Booth #447
Demos on Fair and Deep skin models. I', hoping the model is pale as this is just as under utilized when it comes to makeup brand as deep skin tones...

10:15 a.m. - 11:15 p.m. Open Forum Stage
Thomas Surprenant will use prosthetics to create an otherworldly and exotic character. As he brings elements of costume, hair and make-up together to form an overall look, paint techniques and materials will be used to achieve the final look.

1 p.m. - 2 p.m. Open Forum Stage
Join MAKE UP FOR EVER brand founder Dany Sanz as she reveals her philosophy: Life is a Stage. Enjoy a demonstration of her artistry as Sanz shares the story of her journey into the marvellous world of make-up.

2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Make-Up Artist Magazine Booth #447
Chloe Sens will demo a bondo transfer injury make-up showcasing transfer application, realistic blood and dirt effects.


2 p.m. - 3 p.m. IMATS Stage
Discover the varied uses of Dermaflage, the breakthrough brand used by the world’s top artists. Watch as Stephanie Abbat creates an unexpected character with three-dimensional elements.

3:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. IMATS Stage
The 2016 character/prosthetic theme is Guardians of the Galaxy.

3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Open Forum Stage
Join Kat Von D Beauty’s incredible Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick as she transforms her model into a living art piece right before your eyes.

4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Make-Up Artist Magazine Booth #447
Key make-up artist Maryse Gosselin demonstrates the ins and outs of theatrical make-up techniques from Cirque du Soleil’s Avatar Toruk – The First Flight.

My Wish List
I won't be getting everything on my list (I don't need all those brushes and lipsticks) but this is my starting point.

Kat Von D (if the discount is good)
Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in
Muñeca, Ophelia, Exorcism, Dreamer

Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in
Reverb, Satellite, Wizard, Thunderstruck, Dazzle, & Rocker (maybe)

Sinner perfume.

Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Raw Power,

Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette

Make Up For Ever
Artist Rouge Lipstick in
M101 - Caramel Beige, M202, C108 - Hazel Beige, C210 - Petal Pink, C302 - Beige Coral, & C306 - Pink Coral.

Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow
M-52 - Matte Beige, M-16 – Matte White,

Chromatic Mix blue & yellow.

Pro Light Fusion Highlighter 2 golden

Star Lit Liquid 3 Gold Champagne
Star Lit Liquid in 11 Golden Orange, 18 Golden Grey, 3 Frozen Orange, 10 Peach & 4 Frozen Green.

Artist Face Colour in
S112 or S116

H100 or H106 & H102
B308 or B314 or B16 or B208 or S214

Beauty so Clean
wipes and spray

AMC eyeliner gel in 68 (nude), & 76 (white).
Brush 45S (silicone)

Blur Makeup Room
OCC Liptars

Royal & Langnickel


Jordane Cosmetics (or BlurMUSST, Mehron )
Kreeper FX Fangs
Ben Nye Monster wheel
Loose Shimmer Powder (blue aura)

Morphe Makeup Brushes (try again this year)
Matte colour and Orange palettes.
Elite II brushes

Bdellium Tools
Studio 950 Oval Multipurpose brush
SFX 179 Muscle
SFX 193 Small Stippling
SFX 191 Precision

SFX #175X brush FX10

Lime Crime
brushes, eyeshadows, POP ON NAILS
Liquid Lipsticks in Polly, Riot, Rustic.

Diamond Crushers in LA, Summer, Unicorn, Dope, Lit

Lady Moss Beauty Lashes!

Violet Voss Cosmetics: Glitter, liquid lipstick and lashes.

Lit Cosmetics/Dermaflog
Silicone lips, skin kit.

Kind of Magic
Cheek FX water activated palettes (more it I can test it)

SUVA Beauty
Eyeshadow palettes
Water activated paints.

To check out list:
(tools, FX items, Stage makeup)
Blur Makeup (a sampling of other industry products, Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, OCC, Yaby)
MUSST (a sampling of other industry products)
CiCi Fashion Brush (strange false lash styles O_O )

LOCATION and Travel
If you're not a native to the GTA (Greater Toronto area) I thought I'd post this for you about what to expect getting the MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) South Building.

This year we will be in the basement South Building, Exhibit Hall E, like the first two years it was at the MTCC.  I will miss the daylight. lol
The North and South buildings are attached by a walk bridge. The North building is street level on Front Street west of the CN Tower and goes vertically in levels and well as 2 subfloors. While the South building is behind it and is underground for the most part except the lobby level (500 Level).

If you going in by public transit chances are you will be making it to Union Station. Union Station, however, is going through some serious renovation inside (STILL). Front Street is clear of contribution now. For pedestrians/public transit goers, inside Union on the street level is attached to the Skywalk which will take you to both the MTCC North and South builds and beyond (Skydome). This is probably your best way to get there to avoid confusion and it tends to be quite.

You can also walk Front St. east of Union and get to the North building and walk beside it to get to the south building entrance.
MTCC north building highlighted in red.
Here is a posting about road construction areas for drivers to be aware of per week if you coming into the downtown core. 

They did not have a coat cheek the last year at the MTCC. :(

Now places to eat, there are plenty of options around the MTCC as this is considered to be the Entertainment district. Front street has many options on the main level but there are places underground like across the MTCC is the Canadian Broadcasting Building subfloor has a full food court. Union Stations also as a full food court on the level below street level for a cheaper fare.

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