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Wednesday 30 August 2017

IMATS TORONTO 2017 Recap, Haul & Battle of the Brushes

IMATS TORONTO 2017 Battle of the Brushes.
Here are some photos and my Haul video from IMATS Toronto 2017.

Quick comments and brands I didn't line up for
I was back of line at 9:15am
Frends Beauty... the line up was all day there, and I was intimidated but it I didn't even get close to them. T-T Brand they had was Anastasia, Stilazzi, Viseart, Melt, Lorac, JOUER (I want to cry because I would have loved to test the shades out in person) and bulk lashes. They have never been so busy in the past years they were here, I was surprised, but it makes sense now that I know a few of the brands they had. ;)

NYX was 25% off which is good, but they only brought some of the new items only to the show and ended up going to their Flagship store.

MAC Pro 30% first time for general public..... having way too many issues this year with payment, but I've been MAC'd out for a few years now.

Violet Voss.... Nothing I really wanted. T-T

Annabelle... was 25% off there were some things I would have picked up if I saw them, Liquid highlighter drops and new matte liquid lipstick.

Lady Moss... own too many lashes but forgot to get my lash glue.

Make Up For Ever... 40% off, but I was broke and didn't have the time to wait for my order at the end of the day.

Benefit... 40% off, Nothing I needed.

Here are the haul videos. 

Full product list in each video description box of what I hauled and prices.

Here are this years IMATS photos.
Morphe line.
Morphe liquid lipsticks.
Morphe brushes.
Marietta Carter-Narcisse
Add caption 
Cheek FX
Mermaid Body Paint
bdellium tools
Violet Voss
Blur Makeup Room 
Beauty Blender booth
CICI Fashion Brushes.
Casa D’Arte
Royal & Langnickel
G4E Beauty
Suva Beauty
Kat Von D wrought Iron table display... I need something like this in my life.
Kat Von D Beauty demo with Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick
Battle of the Brushes: Guardians of the Galaxy.
Second Place 
First Place - Samantha Martino
EPIC FAIL on getting photos of this event this year.

End of day
I'm regretting not getting stuff at MUFE only because my fabric shopping was a bust and I had saved money for it. lol ;)

Went to the NYX store on Queen which was fun to see the full product range.

Also went to Eaton Centre Sephora to test out the Becca shimmer powders and get the YSL All Hour's Foundations testers. I picked up sushi box from Akashiro in the food court as well.

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