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Sunday 5 February 2012

Benefit Hervana Blush: Swatches & Review

Hervana Blush
Shoppers Drug Mart that have a Benefit display finally got the Hervana Blush in stock. Price is $36CAN or $28US which is the same for Sephora price wise. I have a fondness for Benefit blushes so I had been itching to give this one a go.
Hervana Blush open
Product: Smooth and soft finish I've seen in other stain finishes blush like Dandelion. Over all it's a very light blush that isn't very pigmented that can't be overdone but you don't really need to pack it on either to have it show up. It's just not a build-able shade either.

Colour: The blending colour is a gentle pink which is darker then Dandelion but lighter then Coralista

Wear: About five hour on me before fading was noticeable.

Packaging: The new magnetic box is nice as I feel like it properly closes but I had to be careful as the tips of the lid lip to curl into the rim as I close it.

Compare: In terms of the product it reminded me of MAC's Oh So Fair Beauty Powder. I find myself underwhelmed by it only because I've gotten use to working with pigmented blushes.
Hervana Flash swatches, far right blended swatch
Hervana Daylight swatches, far right blended swatch

Verdict: Personally it's not for me. But if your like, easy to work with blushes I say check it out as it gives a consistent subtle glow every time and you can't really over when applying it.

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