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Sunday 5 February 2012 Seller Review

salesmanb2b Home Page Feb 3rd
I know that online shopping can be tricky when dealing with e-stores especially when looking for hard to find accessories. When I was looking for some Ao no Exorcist pins came up in my 

Process: You place an order then wait for a shipping quote to be processed in 2 to 5 day.
This is also done in their store and you set up an account to see the order the shipping total.
Once the shipping has been calculated you then processed to with the checkout and payment.
I used Paypal in my case.

Products: The ones I order came in exactly as shows.

Cost: Price were exactly what you see on ebay as this is a china based distributor.
Cost of shipping with my 5 items order came to $15 CAN which is fairly cheep.

Shipping: Shipping was slow but I also had tracking with my order it came in after 6 weeks.

Contact: They do have a US/English speaking sales agent you can get in contact with them via email.

4 of the Items purchased.

Verdict: I recommend them and have place another order with them as well. ^_^

Edit: My second order ran into come communication issue with an out of stock item. They have a contact forum they post to to the let you know but it doesn't email you to let you know there is a new post. I recommend double checking that order forum to see if everything in your order is ok after 2-4 days. ;)


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I've been wondering whether or not to buy a sesshoumaru plushie for my friend off this site :)

  2. I know that new sites can be sketchy. I do also recommend checking out you order on the site details page as the sometimes leave a message there if something is sold out. But that message doesn't get forwarded to your email however.