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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Shop MAC Chop MAC Mini Haul


Fluidlines in Wholesome, Added Goodness and lipstick in Watch Me Simmer
Had this been 3 years ago my wallet would have been in trouble with both the Shop MAC Chop MAC and Vera Collection all coming out online at the same time. I managed to narrow down to 3 items I felt I could make use of or didn't already have that was similar.

Wholesome and Added Goodness
Watch Me Simmer
MAC Fluidlines are something that always perks my interest as their limited edition shades are usually one I can see myself using over their traditional shade ranges. Wholesome despite the underwhelming nature to most I was most excited about as I find true black can look harsh on it's own as a liner on pale skin individuals.  This blackened brown will still give me striking definition while playing a bit more softly. Added Goodness is just a nice dark taupe that I could not resist.

Every year I manage to pick up one or two MAC lipsticks in a coral shade as I find them flattering with my skin tone and auburn hair.

Flash swatches: Wholesome, Added Goodness, and Watch Me Simmer

Swatches of my current MAC Fluidlines.

Flash swatches: Dark Diversion, Avenue, Wholesome, and Added Goodness

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