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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Lime Crime Alchemy Collection: Swatches & Review

This is wish I had gotten sooner as I order on Oct. 13th but it didn't ship till the 19th, but just in time for Halloween review. My second palette from Lime Crime and my first time trying their lipsticks.

Lime Crime ALCHEMY duochrome pressed eyeshadow palette retails for $35.99US, POISONBERRY and SERPENTINA lipstick retail for $15.99.

Packaging: Purple is this theme. lol

Potions and Poisons shades

I'm not sure how they got the cat to look that grumpy in the top left corner and not jump off the table. lol

Product: The Alchemy palettes come with 5 pigmented shimmer, non powdery shades. These duochromes are very subtle with really only Love Potion #9 is noticeable colour shift.
They have a lot of pop even on bare skin and all are true to pan. 
The only one i had trouble with was Lucky Charm as it a stuffer formulation and not as buttery as the rest but the pigmentation was there.

The Alchemy Poisonberry and Serpentina are very richly pigmented and takes only two layers to get solid coverage.
Poisonberry does stain your lips a vivid pink. Serpentine I recommend using a black liner as a base only because the shade is such a shift from nude to green it would help any fading issue throughout the night. ;) 

Incantation - metallic deep orange pumpkin shade (shimmer)

Lucky Charm – Leaf green with -green shift (shimmer)
Love Potion #9 – light purple lavender with a turquoise shimmer(shimmer)
Spellbound – subtle white with gold shift (shimmer)
Divination – peacock blue with a teal shift (shimmer)

Poisonberry - purple berry (shimmer/frost)
Serpentina - dark emerald with a blacked green shift (shimmer/frost)

Wear: These where 6 hours without a base. Not bad on the eyeshadows.
Lipsticks are emollient and last about 5 hour with the full intensity.

Packaging: Tin pencil box sized case with hinge. The eyeshadows are housed in a thin black plastic (ridged added for structural support) that can bee popped out easily.

The lipstick tubes are substantial are large with a bit of weight to them. It's doubt they would every break if you dropped them.

Flash swatch: Serpentina, Poisonberry, Incantation, Lucky Charm, Love Potion #9, Spellbound, & Divination 

Flash swatch: Serpentina, Poisonberry, Incantation, Lucky Charm, Love Potion #9, Spellbound, & Divination 
Poisonberry alone
Poisonberry with Love Potion #9 then Spellbound patted on over the middle. 
Serpentina alone
Serpentina with Lucky Charm patted on over the middle.
Serpentina with Lucky Charm then Spellbound patted on over the middle. 

Serpentina with Lucky Charm then Spellbound patted on over the middle and with Divination on the outer corners.

Verdict: Definitely a keeper!

Great collection of shades overall!
The lipstick shades are very job specific colour admittedly but wonderfully pigmented.

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