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Saturday 12 September 2015

IMATS TORONTO 2015 New date and location! : new venders, Interesting panel/demos, my wish list, travel advisory & eateries.

IMATS TORONTO 2015 New date and location!
It's arriving early this year (by almost 2 months!), but IMATS Toronto is running on September 26 to 27th less then 2 weeks away! There are still have tickets for both days for the Saturday and Sunday shows for $45. No weekend pass though this time around.

The new date probably was due to the weather in late November, so that products don't run into freezing issues while being shipping into Canada as every year it is crap shoot whether it's raining or snow at that time of the year.

Chances are I'll be arrive at 9:30am or 10am on the Saturday just from the way construction is progressing as I'm coming down (well going north ;) ) by Greyhound.

BUT NYX PRO is coming to the show this year. I'm not sure if they will bring their full product line but if it is mostly there newer product range I'm going to be happy to see them in person after a 4 year absence from Toronto IMATS! ;)
WIG(s) and New Camera.

Persephone or Candy Striper in Harmony from Arda

I'm torn about which one to wear for the show, Persephone is winning but can you see me wearing her with teal lipstick? I want to wear one of my blue or green lippies soo badly!!!

I'm also bring my new Canon T5i to the show so I'm hoping to take more photo's with less blur issue.... like my old fake SLR had. lol Also see if I need my new Halo light. 

This might be my last time to go to IMATS. Next year I might be broke coming out of school, but we will see so I wanted to take it all in. ;)

Also I'll have to pack both food and insulin..... such a strange thing to say.... to make sure I'm level during the show. During most trade shows or conventions I don't really eat during those hours just keep hydrated in the past and drink my calories in snakes... no more for me. But this will be an interesting test run as well on managing blood sugar on the run. lol

New Venders 
Inglot makeup is coming this year with the full range of products. I'm not sure if they will have a show discount but since they opened a Toronto location last year I'm hoping for it. ;)

Benefit Cosmetics
This brand has always had a strong foothold in Canada with multiple locations to buy their products in person, I'm surprised they haven't come before. 
Frends is back with Sigma Brushes again, the price seem to US prices in Canadian funds. But I'm also hoping they will bring back the Viseart brand as well at 25% off.

Yes they are back this year with their own both which means i can check out there h=whole product line, or so I'm hoping.

MakeUp Eraser
Yes.... I want t black one. lol

Saint Cosmetics
Is a full range of cosmetic line that lunches this year. Know nothing about the quality or products so it's one to check out.
Their websites is still not active but MMC is bring use in drugstore brands like LA Girl, NYX, ELF, BH Cosmetics and more.

Violet Voss Cosmetics
Yes they didn't cancel this year, I'm not sure what they will be completely bring to the show, I expect glitter and glue but I'm hoping they are bringing their lashes (made by the Manufacturer of Koko Lashes).

True Glue
This is one of the most exciting exhibitors to me. I've used a number of different false lash formula's (I need to do a dare to compare on them all), but I personally suffer from sensitive eyes and all those glues irritate them to one degree or another. This Canadian brand is promising they use natural ingredients to a safe non toxic or carcinogenic glue for the eyes. I just really don't want slightly swollen eye lids anymore. >_<

Classes and Speakers of interest (SAT): 
10:00 am - 11:30 am Thomas E. Surprenant
Open Forum Stage
His panel will be on classic Sci-fi makeup.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Randy Daudlin
Main Stage
I missed Randy panel last year some how so I won't make that mistake again! This one is decimated to "weather" the human appearance.

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Gregory Arlt
Main Stage
This panel is what cosplayers strive for as well. Look flawless in person and on film with the same makeup.

1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.  Sean Sansom
Open Forum Stage
Need to say more! I'm curius which critter he will be doing. ;)

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm Battle of the Brushes
Main Stage
If you don't catch them on the working stage then here your chance to see them strut there stuff.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Jordan Samuel
Main Stage
I'll see if I'll still have the energy to attend this panel. Crimson Peak was filmed in Toronto so maybe we get to hear about the locations and sets.

My Wish List
I won't be getting everything on my list (I don't need all those brushes) but this is my starting point.

Make Up For Ever
Ultra HD foundation in Y225

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow in: D236 Lagoon Blue, ME304 Emerald, M536 Milk Tea (Matte), D416 Crystalline Yellow (Diamond) or I414 Yellow Ivory (Iridescent), D206 Celestial Blue (Diamond), D504 Celestial Beige, ME734 Tangerine (Metallic), D316 Crystalline Pinky Green, D868 Crystalline Pink (Diamond), ME728 Copper Red, D862 Fairly Pink (Diamond) or I864 Baby Pink (Iridescent).
Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner in:
Apricot Pink 23C, Coral 18C, 22C

Rouge Artist Intense
38 - satin coral, 39 - satin orange coral, 54 Pearly Golden Pink.

Aqua Eyes
Light Taupe 24L, Forest Green 20L

Blur Makeup Room
OCC Liptar in Jealous, Lament, Manhunter, Hollywood, and Pagen.

face atelier: ultra foundation white and 2, light concealer duo, ultra skin 2

Jordane Cosmetics (or Kind of MagicSKS Makeup SupplyMUSST, Mehron )
(silicone gel sculpt)
Kreeper FX Fangs
Ben Nye Monster wheel
Maqpro palettes
empty well palette.

Morphe Makeup Brushes (try again this year)

Royal & Langnickel

True Glue lash glue.

Bdellium Tools
Studio 760 Liner/Brow (X2)

MSF Lightscapde

Violet Voss Cosmetics: Glitter glue and lashes.

To check out list:
(tools, FX items, Stage makeup)
Frends Beauty (Stilazzi, Viseart Paris, VUESET, Sigma Beauty, Vera Mona, and more!)
Nigel Beauty Emporium (Lashes, Empty container, industry makeup and Z palettes)
Kind of Magic (Ben Nye, RCMA, Wolfe FX) [seems they have given up their booth. T-T ]
SKS Makeup Supply (Graftobian, Cinema Secrets)
Blur Makeup (a sampling of other industry products)
MUSST (a sampling of other industry products)
CiCi Fashion Brush (strange false lash styles O_O )

LOCATION and Travel
If you not a native to the GTA (Greater Toronto area) I thought I'd post this for you about what to expect getting the the MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) North Building.

Yes this year we will be under the top floor with windows! The level 300 C Hall which is only half of the floor space that level 300 offers... Room to grow! The floor space is just a tiny bit larger then previous years at the MTCC.

The North and South buildings are attached by a walk bridge. The North building is street level on Front Street west of the CN Tower and goes vertically in levels and well as 2 sub floors. While the South building is behind it and is underground for the most part except the lobby level (500 Level).

If you going in by public transit chances are you will be making it to Union Station. Union Station however is going through some serious renovation both street level and inside. Front Street is shut down in front of Union Station (for the drivers), but the building is still functional. For pedestrians/public transit goers inside Union on the street level is attached to the Skywalk  which will take you to both the MTCC North and South builds and beyond (Skydome). This is probably your best way to get there to avoid confusion and it tends to be quite.

You can also walk Front St. east of Union and get to the North building.
MTCC north building highlighted in red.
Here is a posting about road construction areas for drivers to be aware of per week if you coming into the down town core. 

They also had a coat cheek the last 2 years at the MTCC. ;)

Now places to eat, there are plenty of options around the MTCC as this is consider to the Entertainment district. Front street has many options on the main level but there are places underground like across the MTCC is the Canadian Broadcasting Building sub floor has a full food court. Union Stations also as a full food court on the level below street level for cheaper fare.

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