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Friday 29 April 2016

Dare to Compare: MAC Silver Pigment v.s. Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver


MAC Silver Pigment v.s. Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver
Mehron Metallic Powder is $9.99US or $16CAN for 14 g / 0.5 oz of product.
MAC Silver Pigment is $21US or $26CAN for 3 g / 0.1 US oz of product.

MAC Silver Pigment (not to be confused for their Platinum shade as that one it even brighter than Silver) is slight wax based pigment due to the binding oils they use in the MAC pigment formula. This shade applies smooth on the skin and eyes out of the jar and intensifies when applied wet.

Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver is a relatively pure pigment with not wax binder to be seen compared to MAC's formula. But the pigmentation is mush more smooth and strong both as a dry wash or applied with a damp brush. This product was designed to make metallic body paint and to be use with a mixing medium. I found this one looks brighter when applied wet/

MAC Silver Pigment & Mehron Silver Pigment use the same aluminum ingredient to make this colour. The shades are identical!

Wear: on these won without any primer at most you get 3-4 hours. Both need a base and/or a mixing medium to get them to stay on the skin.eyes.

Packaging: Clear Plastic Jar with a screw on lid.
Daylight swatches: Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver & MAC Silver Pigmentapplied dry then wet.
Flash swatches: Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver & MAC Silver Pigment, applied dry then wet.
Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver. You just get SO much more product for the price point and I don't mind apply it wet or with a binder to get the same if not more intensity compare to the MAC Silver Pigment.

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