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Thursday 28 April 2016

theBalm Instain Blush in Toile: Swatches & Review

theBalm Instain in Toile
The theBalm Instain Blush in Toile retails for $22 US and $28.99 CAN at Rexall. I have to say I love this line of blushes because the name of each blush refers to a textile pattern categories.

Toile is technical linen canvas weave but it heavy associated with floral/scene repeating patterns "Toile de Jouy".

Toile box jacket
Toile compact art
Product & Colour:
Toile is a strawberry pink with a matte finish. The texture is on the drier side for a matte blush but doesn't apply patchy as a bonus. This seems to also be the only blush with repeating speckles in the pan but it doesn't really affect the colour.

Wear: Close to 10 hours wears depending on what you have on your skin.

Packaging: Is a cardboard magnetic compact with a mirror. The product also has an outer jacket to keep it shut bit also acts like a dust cover to keep this "Magazine" in pristine condition. ;)

The other blush also has the matching pattern on the inside of the tray holder to the blush name. This one has the floral "Toile de Jouy" pattern but lacks the "scene" part of the classic motif.
Daylight swatches: Toile buffed out and heavy.
Flash swatches: Toile buffed out and heavy. 
This is just a really nice shade to work with and would be flatter on a number of skin tones. I would use a stippling brush to apply this shade to my fair skin compared to the swatches. But the lasting power on the skin it a really seller for me.

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